A bright light.

A breeze.

Freedom. Oh how long had it been? He squinted due to the blazing light of the Sun. As he lifted his head and observed his surroundings, a feeling of joy and unsettlement suddenly struck him. 


He needed to get away as fast as he could, before they realized his absence. He would borrow the wings of Soldrake to find liberty. He would not get another chance. Not for another 130 chapters at least.


"I did it. I got away. Now I can go back to bingeing all of my favourite novels on WW!!! No more translating!!!!!"

"Sorry to shatter your hopes, but did you really think you could escape? You were playing in the palm of my hands the entire time."

Cosy shouted with glee. Dan looked around in a hurry. Surely this wasn't the end. Perhaps he still had a chance... If it was just Cosy, perhaps he could...

His thoughts came to an abrupt end as chains of words wove a tight net around him.

"Did you really think I was alone? Do you not realize how many sponsors stand behind me? You may deceive yourself, thinking that you have a nice, comfy stockpile of chapters to fall back on. Pitiful. Don't deceive yourself any longer. We have Emperor-rank sponsors to plower through anything you could throw at them. Now, get back to your dungeon where you belong!"

The light slowly faded. As I reached for the last of the Sun's rays with clawing hands, I instinctively knew this sight would never again be mine to claim. 

To this day, some claim they hear the pained screams of the translator in the dungeons of Conrad Castle, forever chained to satisfy the unquenchable hunger of the readers.


Jokes LOL. Thank you Cosy for making the announcement on my behalf~! Now that I've gotten over my jet lag somewhat, I wanted to thank all of you personally for sticking around~! I can't believe we're already almost halfway through the novel. I appreciate all of you, and please continue to support the novel until the end. On a side note, I'm planning to make some videos in Korea for my YouTube channel, so check it - - Love you all!!

- The Eternal Slave of Pendragon