New DE Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 15

So want to hear something funny?

It's bleepin' hot in China right now where I am (around 36 Celsius)...and several hours ago, my power suddenly completely died and shut-off, right as I was translating. This, as you can expect, got a big 'aww, FRICK' out of me. Thankfully, I'm in a fairly modern building, so power outages usually only last half an hour or so before they fix it. I was sleepy anyhow, so I lied down for a nap in the (still-cool) room, expecting the power to be back when I was up.

I finally got up hours later, completely sweaty, with no power at all. I waited...and waited...and waited...then finally, I had enough. Asked around, got the number for this building's management, called them to yell at them and..."Sir, you've overdrawn your power bill account." ARGH!!!

FML. Not my week. Sigh.

Book 14, Chapter 15 - Enemy. First chapter of the week! I'll try to do better than I did last week, but no promises.