New DE Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 34 + Batman v Superman was terrible

So first of all, I need to vent.  The Batman v Superman movie was absolutely terrible, and made even worse by how awesome the Christian Bale movies were.  I don't mind movies that are stupid fun; hell, I don't even mind Michael Bay movies or movies that are all SFX that don't require me to think or have a great plot. What I really mind are movies that actively make me go, 'Wait, what? But that's stupid/makes no sense...'

First time in many many years I regret having spent my time and money on a movie. Strongly advise any friends who haven't watched it not to.  I usually turn my nose up at critics who pan awesome fun movies...but in this case, the critics were right.

With that out of the way and off my chest, here's your second chapter of the day, and a regular chapter: Book 11, Chapter 34 - A Gathering of Heroes.  Enjoy the read!