New DE Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 1!

Hey guys, welcome to the start of book 10!  Book 10, Chapter 1 - Youngflame Clan has been released.  Enjoy the read!  This is the second regular chapter of the week, and as such does not count against the queue.

I have to say this every so often, but be nice, and for God's sake, don't try to clock your translators by the hour.  We've had a few new fans lately that don't quite understand that I make sure this is a clean community for everyone involved.  I couldn't help but roll my eyes a bit at someone telling me it had been 'thirty hours since my last post', which makes me 'a flaky b*tch!'  Newsflash - the final chapter of book 9 on the 23rd, a rest day on the 24th, and the start of book 10 on the 25th means I'm perfectly on time ;).  Silly comments only accomplishes to irritate translators slightly and get you and your IP on the shortlist to bans, so play nice, please!

EDIT - Locking comments here, because I wasn't meaning to start a lynch mob on the supportive side either.  Just be nice, that's all I'm asking.  Locked.