Desolate Era Queue Closed!

Friends, just slightly over a full year has passed since I took over translating Desolate Era quasi-full time, after my completion of Coiling Dragon. When I took it over full-time a month or so later, I used the same method that I had used towards the end of Coiling Dragon; I didn't accept donations directly, instead adding to the queue based on donations forwarded to me that were made to other Wuxiaworld novels.

This was originally done in order to help drive donations and support to other translators. Given how much Wuxiaworld has grown, however, it has become clear to me that this is no longer the case; the end result has mainly been that people are forwarding emails of previous donations to me once the DE queue is clear. In other words, I'm just creating busywork for myself and for others...and so, as of today, I'm officially shutting down the Desolate Era queue and will simply move to doing ten regular chapters each week, no donations of any sort required (although I still strongly encourage donating to other translators!).

For the remaining six chapters in the queue, I'll add them to this week...which is to say, I'll be posting sixteen chapters this week, rather than the usual ten. Enjoy this very special week, and thanks to all of my readers!