Douzo Says Hello!

Hello everyone, I'm Douzo and I’m the translator for Demon King of the Royal Class.

To give a brief introduction about myself, I moved to Canada at a very young age but grew up in a Korean-speaking household, so I was naturally able to pick up both Korean and English. Until now, I've never really had many chances to do anything related to my bilingual abilities so it never struck me as something special. That's why working with Wuxiaworld as a translator was genuinely exciting for me. Not only did it provide me with an opportunity to contribute to cross-cultural enrichment, but it also allowed me to truly appreciate the value of being fluent in two languages.

Besides work, my hobbies are going to the gym, exploring fragrances, and studying Japanese.

Demon King of the Royal Class is my first novel, and I am still very new to translating. Although I may have a long way to go as a translator, I will always strive to improve and do my best! 

I hope you all enjoy the novel and I look forward to getting more involved with this great community :)