Debuff Master - First Community Event

Hello, fellow Adventurers!

Welcome to the first-ever Debuff Master Fan Art Event!

What better way to celebrate 500 chapters of Siegfried than some artwork from our Debuff Master Community?

Ideally, this event should’ve been held months ago (lol) but this bunny has been busy with IRL stuff (mostly trips to cafes and hospitals; you can check out my Instagram–I guess?) and a podcast. For those of you who haven’t heard, yes, I do co-host a podcast with Yojj.


🚨Shameless Promotion Incoming🚨

Wuxiaworld’s Teahouse: 


*Ahem* *Ahem*

Back to business…!

The whole fanart idea started from a Discord DM from a certain Dark Elf (you know who you are) and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since.

So without further ado! Let’s go!

🎉 Get your creativity gears in motion because we’re celebrating the monumental 500th chapter of our beloved novel with a spectacular Fan Art Event!

Have you pictured a scene or character in Debuff Master and have the skills to turn it into a drawing or a piece of AI generated art? Show us what you got! Kyuuuu! 

We're accepting submissions from now, May 15th to May 28th, and Tokki will be picking 3 artworks from each category: Hand drawn or AI generated.

Submission Guidelines:


  • No Explicit or NSFW.

  • You may submit multiple entries.

  • Only one prize per person.

  • Please don’t use other people’s work.


Best Art - 1,000 Karma

Runner Up 1 - 500 Karma

Runner Up 2 - 500 Karma

(rewards will be separate for hand-drawn and AI-generated)

Note 1: Please do include a description of the fanart (e.g. character name, scene, chapter if possible)

Note 2: Include your Wuxiaworld username so we know who you are

Note 3: Let me know your Instagram handle so I can tag you! (I will be sharing the entries on Instagram too)

P.S. Don’t feel pressured. We are doing this for fun as a community.


[♟♟$$%%Calling All Talented@@ Artistic Fans!! of Debuff Master%%$$ Get your creativity gears in motion## First-ever Fan Art Event♟♟] -> This is a joke from Chapter 495.

Tokki 🐇