New CD Chapter Releases! Book 21, Chapters 28-30

Hey guys, I'm back early in Hanoi, after a long (and rough) week.  I wasn't able to get as much translated as I hoped to, partially because there was more work than I thought there would be, and partially because some bastard stole my iPad Air 2, which REALLY put me in a foul mood.  Fortunately, my laptop wasn't stolen, but still, $800 down the drain for me.  Bah!  Anyhow, enjoy these three chapters, and I'll try to get another out my afternoon (your morning):

Book 21, Chapter 28 - Beginning to Act

Book 21, Chapter 29 - Windhunter

Book 21, Chapter 30 - Sovereign's Emissaries

Enjoy the read!  Also, as you may have noticed, the CD queue has been shut down.  Given we have exactly one week's worth of chapters left (14), there's no point to me pretending I'm not going to finish this sucker off, with or without donations to the other novels xD.  Big thanks to everyone who has supported and donated over this past year to this massive, monumental project!  Our very final donors are:  RK of Texas, VP of France, anonymous, SirVic Fanatico, SM of Florida, HL of Germany, SK of Minnesota, & DL of Australia.

Lastly - I want to offer my prayers to Paris and to France. What an awful, awful thing this was to wake up to, this morning.