New CD Chapter Releases! Book 21, Chapters 26, 27

Hey guys, sorry for slightly late post...finished the first chapter, was zenning through the second, then went zzzzz. Anyhow, here is:

Book 21, Chapter 26 - An Extremely High Price

Book 21, Chapter 27 - Memories

Both chapters were sponsored by an anonymous donor!

Now, I need to let y'all know about something; I thought I would have Veteran's Day off, but instead it looks like I'll be going on a working trip into the boonies of Vietnam. I've been told internet/cell reception in that part of Vietnam is spotty to non-existent, so it is possible that from tomorrow (11/11) to my Saturday (11/14), I won't be able to post any chapters, although I'll still do my best to try and translate so I can post them when I get back, or when I actually do get internet. Thanks for understanding! :)