New CD Chapter Release! Book 18, Chapter 15

Man, getting this to you guys was a surprising adventure.  So I finish the chapter with 5% battery left hours ago, then find out to my horror...I left my power cable on the airplane over, yesterday!  I run all over town looking for one, not able to find any in the major stores, and even end up going to the airport to see if it was in the lost and found.  Long story short, in the end, I ended up calling a friend, who pointed me to this rinky-dink ghetto-as-hell little shop which pulled out an ancient-looking Dell charger that seems to be working, although I'm in mortal fear of my laptop exploding.  New charger already enroute via Amazon, but oi vey, what an adventure!

Book 18, Chapter 15 - Throwing One's Life away is out.  Enjoy!  This is a regular chapter!