New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 54

Hey guys, here's your first chapter of the day! I'm still on the bus, and will be for another two hours, but thankfully I have reception again and am posting through my phone's hotspot. Book 17, Chapter 54 - Nowhere to Run has been released! This chapter was sponsored by Kal, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for Kal! Thanks, Kal!

Readers, my internet was bad yesterday at the hotel, so I couldn't make the post I wanted. Now that everything is working though, I'll make it after chapter 55! And speaking of chapters 54, 55...there's a certain song going in my head right now as I finish translating chapter 54. Can you guess what it is? If you look at the sneak preview for 55, you will! xD