New CD Chapter Release! Book 17, Chapter 46

Hey guys, here's your first chapter of the day - Book 17, Chapter 46 - Spare No One!  Enjoy the read!  This chapter was sponsored by anonymous, VP of France, and AB of Latvia, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for them!  Thanks guys!

Readers, queue cleared, whee!  However, three regular chapters for this week, so 47 will be coming out on schedule.

Now, quick note; I usually don't comment on speculation, but there's one thing that comes up time and time again; the Pearl of Life.  As a reminder, the Pearl of Life, in the very chapter where it was found, was stated to be useless to Deities, because Deities don't have 'flesh' bodies, but 'divine power' bodies.  Yes, Linley's 'original body' isn't technically a Deity, but it was transformed on a fundamental level by a Sovereign's blood essence (followed by Sovereign's Might) to become comparable to a Highgod artifact in power; do you really think a piddly artifact meant for Saints is going to do anything to it, when even SOVEREIGN'S MIGHT, one of the most powerful, potent items in the universe, regenerated his body very slowly due to how powerful (and thus difficult to repair) it was?  C'moooon, guys...