New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 35

Hey guys, literally just got off the plane and am in my taxi (fortunately, my phone has a hotspot function). Sorry about the late post, but today was crazy! We were boarded on the plane for like 1.5 hours, then they offboarded us, but like 30 minutes later, they reboarded us, then we waited another hour before taking off. Even after landing, apparently due to congestion at the landing strips, we waited another half hour before taxing in. What a waste! I haven't done anything and I feel exhausted >.<.

Big thanks to our sysadmin, Yn5an3, for helping me make an explanation post, and for his 90% completion of the server move and configuration this week! The server is, in short, utterly kicking arse right now, and we are much more hardened vs all sorts of attacks compared to before.

Anyhow, enough kvetching; here's Book 15, Chapter 35 - Amethyst Beasts! This was a regular chapter, and as such it does not count against the queue.

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