New CD Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 10

Hey guys, here is your second sponsored chapter of the day! Book 14, Chapter 10 - The Three Castles of Royalwing City has been released! This chapter was sponsored by our generous donors, MFA of Denmark, totalpotatoe, AAND of Singapore, and TH of Denmark, so if you enjoyed this chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for them! Thanks guys!

Readers, I know the last few chapters have been a bit slow and exposition-heavy, but things will pick up soon, I promise. Plus...this is a brave new world. In my mind, I always viewed Coiling Dragon as being two books; 'BH' and 'AH', 'Before Hell' and 'After Hell', hehe. Stick with me!

Alright, I'm off...with a cleared queue! Wooo! Break time xD? Wait...still have regular chapters, nevermind xD