New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 14

Hey guys, servers been stable all day!  Once we get the mobile fixed, I think we're good to go!  And now, here's your second sponsored chapter of the day; Book 13, Chapter 14 - Two Powers Join Forces.  Enjoy the read!  This chapter was brought to you courtesy of our donors, BH of Canada, AJ of Switzerland, JP of Michigan, and JS of Israel, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in thanking them for their generosity!  Thanks so much, all of you!

Anyhow, queue cleared!  xD xD xD  Now the only question in my mind is...continue with Dragon Age - Inquisition?  Or move towards Pillars of Eternity?  Decisions, decisions...

PS - We now have a Twitter account! I'll mostly be using it for chapter updates, but if there's any server problems or other things you guys might need to be aware of, I'll put it up there as well!