New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 6

Hey guys, sorry for not getting this chapter out last night!  Literally just couldn't control the zzzzzzzz sleepiness.  But anyhow, it does mean I was able to get it out for y'all earlier today!  Book 12, Chapter 6 - Slaughtering a Path to the Sacred Isle is now ready for your viewing pleasure!  This sponsored chapter was brought to you thanks to our generous donors, MCL of Malaysia, Kirindas, mort, thaddpole, and KV of California, so please consider joining me in a round of applause for them if you like it!

Ok, I pinky promise to get out my regular three chapters today!  While reading, please let me remind our newer friends that we are an ad-supported website, and the server fees are supported by our ads, which don’t show up if the ads are blocked, so please consider supporting us by making sure your Adblocking software is off. Thanks! :)