New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 22

Hey guys, I'm so sorry this is late and kept some of you up really late.  As I mentioned in this post, we are currently (and still) under a DDOS botnet attack, which took me quite some time to diagnose.  We currently have the "I'm Under Attack" setting in Cloudflare up, which puts up maximum security, including a 5-second delay the first time you visit the website (it won't do it after it verifies you aren't a bot).  Thanks for your patience; I'll keep this up for as long as necessary.  If push comes to shove, I can pay for the 'business' version of Cloudflare, which provides better anti-DDOS service, but costs $200/month.  Whatever >.<

Anyhow, sorry for the delay guys.  Book 12, Chapter 22 - Linley Becomes a Deity has been released!  Enjoy the read!  If you do, please consider joining me in thanking our generous donors who sponsored this chapter; AY of Vancouver, CO of Ohio, and EODBull.  Thanks so much, guys!

Okay, I'm pooped.  Going to bed.  See y'all tomorrow!