CD Format Change! Coiling Dragon Paywall!

Hey guys, chapter's done!  However, I'm sorry to announce this, but due to [blahblahblah], we are going to move to a new format for Coiling Dragon.  I have gone utterly mad with power, and starting this chapter, Coiling Dragon will be under a paywall that you, as a community, will have to meet if you want to see what happens afterwards.  Fortunately, once this queue is met a single time, all the chapters will be free and I'll never ask for another donation again.

From now on, the queue will be...

*puts pinky to lips*

"One miiiiiiiillion dollars."



Kidding.  Book 15, Chapter 20 - Talisman is now up!  Big thanks once more to Strauss Akabara for donating and sponsoring this weekend's craziness!