Andie Reporting to Big Life!

Hello everyone, with the launch of the new novel, we also have a new-but-not-exactly-new translator joining us! Please welcome Andie!! Some of you might see her around in the comments before as she's also a staff of Wuxiaworld. She still misses translating (plus I was also having a shortage of KR translators at that point and I pestered her), so she agreed to take on a novel and that's how Big Life is now added to our library! Please help me welcome her and also, here's a message from Andie.


Hello everyone!

I'm Andie, the translator for Wuxiaworld's newest slice of life novel, Big Life!

This is my first novel with Wuxiaworld, and I'm grateful to be given this opportunity. While working on this novel, I'm extremely thankful for my editor, Veela, for helping me out on the editing & proofreading! She's golden! 

Before this, I've worked on manhwas on Wutopia for a short period of time (just because I'm more of a visual person and enjoy reading manhua/manhwa/webtoons more). 

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy reading Big Life as much as I did translating it. (I LOVEEEEE RIKA! iykyk) If you can't see me in the comments section (><), feel free to ping me in the public discord channel too!