The End of a Star

Hello dear BaS readers~ 

It hasn’t been long, but like all movies, there must be an end. BaS will be releasing its last chapter to the public on 19th July. Meanwhile, here are the end dates for the respective tiers:

Fan Tier - 17th July 2022

Fanclub President Tier - 15th July 2022

Trainee Tier - 11th July 2022

Monster Rookie Tier - 7th July

Rising Star - 1st July 2022

We are grateful and thankful for all the love shown towards BaS, a rare genre here at WuxiaWorld. We are also appreciative of the support and encouragement you’ve given to our lovely translators Stardu5t and Kuro as well as our editors Canis, Limit, and Momo. 

Your continuous support will help us in deciding the kind of novels we bring to WuxiaWorld, so do stick around~ We look forward to seeing you again!