BTTH 463!

Translated By: Arron and GGP Edited By: Comfortabull, Based Jessica and Video

First regular chapter of the week!

Hey guys, a bit of personal stuff came up and with the fact that all the regular chapters for last week had been released, I didn't exactly try my hardest to get my hands on a computer to post the latest chapters of BTTH. So, about the donation button issue that I have been complaining to you guys about, I'm currently trying to fix the problem with almost negative progress so I'll be looking into alternatives to the donation button and keep you guys updated. As for this week's chapters, I'm actually not too sure if I'll find time to do the other chapters. However, if I miss them, I'll be 100% sure to make them up the week after or the week after that or whenever I get time. Sorry about all the delays but unfortunately, I just haven't had that much time in the recent days.