BTTH 385!

Translated By: Arron and GGP Edited By: Based Jessica, Comfortabull and Video

Sponsored by JOHN SMITH, Johannes van Rijn, Wessel Badenhorst and Andre Francis! Thanks!

Hey everyone,

So, I fell short :(. Unfortunately, there are still 75 dollars in the queue at this time. So I've updated the counter and once again sorry about not clearing the queue by the end of this week (it's 11 here and I have school tmrw morning).

On another note, as I look through the number of chapters I've done (7 chapters for BTTH + 6 chapters for Demon's Diary in just the past 3 days), I'd like to thank all the donors once again. Without you guys, I wouldn't have pushed myself to do 13 chapters in 3 days (personal record btw since after a mass release, I usually rest for the next few days).

Once again, sorry about not clearing the queue (guess you guys are about to get a mystical Monday release again :P)