Welcome alyschu & Against The Gods!

Old-timers from SPCNET, where so many of us started, might remember that some of the most talented Wuxia translators who ever graced us were female translators, such as Athena (Legendary Siblings, Sword and the Exquisiteness), Talented Lady Jean (Step Into the Past), Hoju (A Happy Hero), and more.  Today, I am unbelievably happy and proud to welcome another such wonderful, superb female translator to the ranks of Wuxiaworld: alyschu!

alyschu and her talented team at alyschu.wordpress.com have been working on Against the Gods (逆天邪神) as well as some other works, which I encourage you to go to her site to visit.  Her and her team have been producing an exceptional quality translation which I've had my eyes on for quite some time now.  The quality and type of the writing in Chinese is rather different, and I think you will all enjoy it immensely.  Take a look at the Against the Gods Index and give it a shot for yourself!  I'll stop here and let alyschu introduce herself to you guys later, but for today, let me be the first to welcome alyschu and co. to Wuxiaworld!