Status of ATG for rest of week & random alyschu rant.

ATG Status: Our ATG team works on a sign up basis so whenever a translator misses his scheduled chapter day, I usually quietly squeeze myself in that chapter and then release it. I was a bit preoccupied this week so all those mishaps happened. That was my bad.

I'll try to be a better alarm clock for my team from now on, but life is always uncertain. We have had a no set schedule policy since the very start of our group's establishment, so if I continue getting steam for attempting to estimate release times for readers based on our translator sign ups, I'll just go back to doing randomly timed releases without a heads up of an estimated time beforehand. Time zones of translators on the team are all over the place so it'll be easier on me anyways.

Back to the point. Since we, the team, are doing damage control at the moment and the translator who went camping signed up for four chapters in a row, there probably won't be double releases Friday or Saturday. I say probably because who knows what'll happen! Chapters are translated on our free time and will come out whenever they are finished. There won't be a chapter tonight, though.

To anyone who has made a donation and feels offended for whatever reason, you may email me and ask for a refund if you are still in the queue. I don't know how many times I've stressed this but, please note that donations are by no means required or necessary and are only there to further motivate the translators.

Random alyschu rant: My team is filled with beautiful people and I am the only one who is allowed to hurt their feelings!!