Chance of ATG

Usually I would have finished translating a chapter by around now at the latest and uploaded it, but due to how busy I am this entire week (It'll be better next week hopefully), we currently have two "active" translators on ATG, used to be just me until OverTheRanbow came back yesterday. The others are on semi-haitus or permanent haitus due to girlfriends, boyfriends, jobs, vacations, and life. All terrible things I tell you. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. In fact, life has been making me busy this week!

Here are the chances of an ATG release tonight.

From alyschu: 0%, about to sleep after this post. From OverTheRanbow: 50%, pray for him to get back home in time to translate&upload!

To those of you who wish to help translate this series, I have reopened recruitment for ATG. To those of you who wish to help on any other of our group's projects, they're all pretty much open for collaboration as well. Link to our group is on the project page.

Night all!