ATG Chapter 83, mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Hi guys~ This sponsored chapter was translated by alyschu and OverTheRanbow.

Let's all thank our donors Ross H, Jon A, Dominik R, Jakub S, and Łukasz M for this chapter too! :D

I also have a few things to say as well..

First of all, I made a little change to the previous chapter's term..

I was hesitant to use unicorn last chapter so I impulsively asked RWX and he (probably) rubbed his chin in thought while telling me that the 麟 I placed as "Unicorn" should have been derived from 麒麟, the Chinese Qilin. I didn't even think about it when I was translating it, so thanks again Ren!

Precious Sky Unicorn Pellet has now been changed to Celestial Qilin Pellet.

Now to the other announcement I want to make. This is just my early warning to our readers before the storm arrives to ATG.

Since we're basically composed of people who casually do this on our free time, Life and Summer has successfully captured a few of the translators on my team, and it is now going for the big ones! ATG may be slowing down because life will be hitting OverTheRanbow and alyschu beginning next week. OverTheRanbow may or may not get capsized by this tremendous force, but alyschu will still attempt to bring out the 3 committed chapters a week. If worst comes to worst, and I can't dish out the 3 committed chapters, the summertime sponsored event may come to a close earlier than it is suppose to.

For those of you who are confused, the event is listed on the bottom of the ATG index, but I'll put it in this post too.

[Event] Sponsor ATG This is a summertime event that will last until the end of August (tentative). Amount is split between translators who have contributed to each sponsored chapter. They’re basically bribes that will make us release more than our committed number of chapters per week. For this active event, we currently have a commitment of 3 chapters a week with no set schedule.