ATG Chapter 171

I dub thee week, choco week! Check out the moon everyone! See if it's r~e~d!

Chapter 171 is brought to you by choco, Gloo, OverTheRanbow, and a comfortably stuffed alyschu. Holidays and celebrations are the best! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

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Ren has volunteered his wonderful self to us and we couldn't be more happier! He'll be hopping in and out to help us when he has free time (I bet a prophet told him to do so when he was with his grandparents in China. Thank you, prophet!). The crazy thing about it is that he's actually serious (-_-!!) when he said that he's going to refuse our candy if his chapters land on a sponsored chapter. I'm going to have to work that out with my team, but since he refuses candy, I'm wondering if he'll accept a picture of a banana instead. Health food!

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