ATG Chapter 107

Wasn't sure if I had the time to release it, but here it is! Chapter 107 is a sponsored chapter brought to you by choco, choco's fanclub, OverTheRanbow, and alyschu.

Please thank our donors anon, George B, and Warren H for this chapter! Reader Spotlight Captain AmazeZuhZing: ~little bunny fufu, was hopping thru the forest, picking up the field mice, and boppin' them on the head~ Captain AmazeZuhZing: ~Down comes the fairy, and she says "little bunny fufu, you can't be hopping thru the forest, picking up all the field mice and boppin them on the head.. now ive warned you once, you have 2 chances left" Captain AmazeZuhZing: ... the song continues with the same lyrics for the other two chances... then the fairy turns fufu into an ugly creature (forgot what it was)