eRiGi is back!

How do you do, fellow kids? The name’s eRiGi, and I’ve been given the “honor” of being the main translator of After Ten Millennia in Hell!

This is my second novel in Wuxiaworld; first one was I Returned as a High School Girl (give it a shot, I won’t guarantee that you’ll like it though heh), and have come back to my roots of generic power fantasy stories. Perhaps you’re already acquainted with this novel through the unofficial translations of a certain site under a different name, but I encourage you to read through our translation as well since there have been many edits made.

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to my editors LD and Reckeva for helping me fix the grammar errors so that each chapter is up to Wuxiaworld standards while I focus on fixing the translation errors. The fixing process (which still won’t be done by the time you guys read this... kill me) would have taken MUCH longer if it weren’t for them helping me.

It feels like yesterday when I first introduced myself on this site... Well, hello to everyone again and I hope to see you all on this joyride!