Deathblade Launching Ergen's "A Will Eternal" on WW!

Diehard ISSTH fans may already know this, but ISSTH has a total of 1612 chapters total. With 1142 chapters completed, that means we are (and it's hard to believe this) 70% of the way through already! For a long time now, deathblade and I have been pondering the next book for him to work on, and we came to decision quite some time ago to make it the book which Ergen is currently writing; 一念永恒, 'A Will Eternal', and so we put it down long ago as one of the 20 books that we negotiated with Qidian.

Readers in the loop will recognize this name as having been started elsewhere under the name 'A Thought Through Eternity', with the current translator being 'Sean' (we chose to rename it 'A Will Eternal' based on a private conversation we had with Ergen). Our original plan was to bring the finished chapters over to Wuxiaworld and cooperate on it, but Sean explained to us that 'ATTE' had gone through multiple different translators, some of which he believed to have been Google/machine-translators. As with most MTL projects, this created many inaccuracies and had actually made it hard to understand previous chapters and keep continuity as a translator, which was one of the reasons he slowed down and quasi-stopped his ATTE translation ~2 months ago.  It was Sean's opinion (with my concurrence) that it wasn't worth keeping the previous chapters.

As a result, with Sean's concurrence, deathblade will be starting 'A Will Eternal' from scratch and will do it concurrently with ISSTH at a very steady pace, as you have all come to expect.  As for Sean, he'll be having an announcement (or two) dedicated to him as well as he also joins the Wuxiaworld team...but for now, get ready for 'A Will Eternal' and the very humorous rogue, Bai Xiaochun!  This is a story that I really like as well, and Ergen's writing only continues to improve!