Chapter 839: Destroying the City (2)

Strangely enough, the killing intent that was on the verge of boiling over in his heart completely subsided upon receiving this news.

Before an outcome was decided, one would be prone to emotional fluctuations due to the element of uncertainty that was still present. However, once everything was already decided, and the outcome could no longer be changed, all that would be left would be a sense of triumph and calm confidence.

He already knew what the outcome was going to be, so why would he be nervous at all? All he had to do was enjoy the process of devouring this city.

There were no Yama-Kings present, and only around 10 Abyssal Prefects and 30,000 troops in the city. In the face of Hell's regular army, Su Daji, Qin Hui, and himself, there was no chance that anyone could escape from this city. This was also a perfect opportunity for him to test out his newfound powers as a Yama-King.

Amid the spirited discussion, the Yata no Kagami flew over to him, and he took a close look at it. Those at or below the Abyssal Prefect level may not have been able to sense this, but as a Yama-King, he was able to detect an indescribable sense of pressure emanating from the mirror.

This was something that even he found to be quite troublesome.

It seems like countless restrictions have been placed on the mirror. It's going to be very difficult to take this with me...  He heaved an internal sigh, yet just as he was about to inject his Yin energy into the mirror, its surface suddenly rippled slightly. Immediately thereafter, layers of Yin energy surged over it in waves, and finally... his face was revealed.

It wasn't Teana's skeletal face, it was Qin Ye's actual face!

Even a Yama-King level Emissary of Hell couldn't disguise themselves in front of the Yata no Kagami!

The entire room instantly fell deathly silent.

Qin Ye looked up from the mirror before heaving a resigned sigh. The Yata no Kagami wasn't reflecting anything before this. He had thought that it wouldn't be able to see through the disguise of a Yama-King, or that Otakemaru didn't possess sufficient power to use it, but in the end, he had been exposed anyway.

The silence was absolutely deafening.

Sitting beside him, Talina's jaw had dropped straight to the ground as she stared at him with an astonished expression. Not far away, Spencer got up from his chair as if in slow motion, and his hands were noticeably trembling. Meanwhile, Otakemaru cast an incredulous gaze toward his own chest.

Beneath his robe in front of his chest, there was something vibrating violently, as if it were trying to fly out of his chest.

Whoosh! The vibrating object finally emerged, revealing itself to be a small copper bell. As soon as it appeared, the horrified scream of an elderly man immediately rang out. "Run!! Run!! Run for your lives!!"

Have I been exposed? 

Qin Ye turned to the mirror with a surprised expression, and an inky-black dagger had already appeared in Talina's grasp before she thrust it toward him with all her might. Across the table, Freddy transformed into a black shadow that pounced toward Qin Ye, emitting a sharp screech as he flew through the air. At the same time, Michael let loose an enraged roar as four arms tore through his suit in unison. Each hand was holding a knife that was giving off a cold gleam as they were thrust toward different vital regions all over Qin Ye's body.

All of the evil ghosts in the room had sprung into action. Spencer exploded into a colony of bats, blood began to gush out of Jason's skin all over his body as he screeched and pounced toward Qin Ye, and Otakemaru was lashing out with Daitsuren and Shotsuren at blinding speeds. A thunderous boom rang out in the hall as a result of their displays of power, and countless cracks appeared all over the walls, floor, and ceiling, making it look as if the hall were about to collapse at any moment.

There were eight Abyssal Prefects and Infernal Judges present, and they were going all-out from the get-go. Talina was situated the closest to Qin Ye, yet right as she lunged toward him, a finger suddenly appeared on her forehead.

She was already as fast as lightning, but the finger was even faster.

She didn't even see the finger move before it appeared in front of her forehead, as if it had been there all along. In the next instant, a sense of debilitating fear that welled up from the very core of her soul spread through her entire body, and she felt as if a vice had closed itself around her heart.

Clang... Everyone looked on as her dagger clattered onto the ground, and within the span of less than a second, she had aged significantly. The finger on her forehead was like an insurmountable mountain, and she was forced to her knees in its presence as she implored in a trembling voice, "Spare me... Please spare me..."

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing. All of them had been struck by a sense of extreme peril that forced them to a grinding halt.

"Teana" smiled before making a grabbing motion, and Talina's wizened body, which already resembled that of a 100-year-old woman, erupted into netherflames and was burned to ashes in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, her soul fell into Qin Ye's grasp, but it was only able to screech and howl for an instant before it vanished up Qin Ye's sleeve.

Dead silence.

"This man... is a Duke!" Otakemaru's mouth was gaped open as wide as it would go, and his eyes held nothing but shock and horror as his trembling legs gave out from under him, sending him toppling to the ground. "Y... You're a Duke!!"


In the next instant, a vast sea of Yin energy surged in all directions, and at the center of the Yin energy, Qin Ye's figure was a little warped and indistinct, like a god that had descended from the heavens.

"Please allow me to introduce myself, everyone. I am the third King Yanluo of the Cathayan Underworld, Yanluo Qin."

At the same time, a messenger bird was sent out, carrying with it the order to eradicate this entire city!

Terrifying waves of Yin energy instantly erupted out of the entire hall, destroying the lavish room in the process. The Yin energy was like layer upon layer of inky waves, stirring up the seabed and spreading in all directions to form a gigantic Yin energy black hole that encompassed the entire sky above Mirage City!

All of a sudden, a woman wearing a waistcoat, a pair of bloomers, and a pair of high leather boots rushed out of a certain palace before looking up at the sky above Mirage City with an incredulous expression. Half of her body was perfect and complete, while the other half was completely devoid of skin, revealing her flesh for all to see. The eyeball on the skinless half of her body was darting around erratically as she exclaimed, "This is the Yin energy of a Duke! There's a Duke here?!"

In a cemetery situated in the western part of Mirage City, countless roaming zombies suddenly stiffened before casting their eyes toward a certain direction in unison, then knelt down one after another in reverence.

Even though they were already dead, their bodies were spasming as if they were having a stroke. At the very center of the cemetery, the lid of a massive western-style stone coffin that was over three meters in length was abruptly blown open, and a two-meter-tall crimson skeleton wearing the armor of a general hurriedly jumped out.

As soon as the skeleton emerged, its legs gave out from under it, and it also collapsed to its knees. The stark white netherflames in its pitch-black eye sockets sprang up to over a meter tall as it exclaimed, "A Duke has come here?! What on earth is going on?! Aside from that time when the owner of the Peach Blossom Spring visited the city, no Duke has come here in the past few decades! How could there be one here right now?!"

One evil ghost after another fled the countless palaces and pavilions in the city, gushing out onto the streets in a panic before looking up at the sky. All of a sudden, the entire city had been plunged into a state of complete chaos as evil ghosts, malicious spirits, and zombies all revealed their true forms.

This was a city of demons.

The seawater was churning violently, and the power of a Yama-King had plunged this entire city into complete darkness. The Yin energy was like a vast sea with no end in sight, and all of the zombies were trembling uncontrollably as they knelt down with their foreheads pressed against the ground.

"What's going on?"

"There really is a Duke here! Where did they come from?!"

"Forget where the Duke came from, who's going to save us?!"

"Everyone, we have to go to the Bright Moon Palace in the southeast!"

All of a sudden, the seawater began to twist and warp violently. Immediately thereafter, a gigantic black shadow emerged from within the Yin energy before rising up directly into the heavens, completely disregarding the immense water pressure present on the seabed.

It was a massive chain, and it cast a black shadow over the horrified faces of all of the evil ghosts in Mirage City down below. Due to extreme horror, the netherfire in many evil ghosts' eyes had sprung up to in excess of three meters in height. However, this was far from the end.

Countless chains erupted out of the dark clouds that had already filled the entire sky above the city. The chains were like dragons rising up out of the sea, passing overhead through the seawater. From down below, one could see an abyss taking shape, formed by rays of murky light, and countless chains were rushing into the abyss.

At this point, even the dumbest evil ghosts in the city had realized that this was an ability exclusive to Emissaries of Hell, Heavenly Dragnet!

Furthermore, this was a Heavenly Dragnet of the Yama-King level!

This city had become an inescapable prison!

"My god..." An evil ghost was looking up at the sky with a slack-jawed expression before suddenly letting loose a panicked scream and rushing away with all his might.

Qin Ye hadn't even done anything yet, but the countless massive chains that hung above the city like giant dragons had already crushed everyone's morale.

A Yama-King from the Cathayan Underworld was no different from a god in the eyes of these foreign fugitives residing in Mirage City.

"Run!! Run for your lives!!"

"We have to get out of here!! A Yama-King from the Cathayan Underworld has arrived!!"

"My god, how did this happen?! Nothing like this has ever happened in Mirage City before!"

"How was the city discovered by a Yama-King of the Cathayan Underworld?!"

Screams were ringing out everywhere, and right at this moment, bright blue Yin runes began to appear on the giant chains that had surrounded the entire city. Immediately thereafter, a voice rang out to answer everyone's questions.

"By Hell’s Dictum, all rabble shall disperse!"

Following this declaration, an instant of deathly silence ensued. All of the screaming evil ghosts clapped their hands over their own mouths before fleeing as quickly as they could.

Hearing these words was far more terrifying than being pursued by whatever organization was hunting them down!

That declaration was enough to strike sheer horror into their hearts!

Within the destroyed hall, Otakemaru had a hand over his own chest, and he was huddled together with the other evil ghosts, all of whom were trembling uncontrollably. They stared at the indistinct figure within the Yin energy in a slack-jawed manner, and one after another, they knelt down before kowtowing to the ground, trembling violently the entire time.

None of them dared to attack Qin Ye again.

They didn't have the courage, and they knew that it would be futile anyway.

"Your Excellency..." Freddy's voice was trembling, and he was like a mouse that had bumped into a cat. He wanted to beg for mercy, to explain his situation, yet in the face of Qin Ye's boundless authoritative might, all he could muster up were the words, "Spare me... please spare me..."

Boundless Yin energy surged forth in waves, and they weren't even able to protect their own souls against it. Only now did they come to understand just how terrifying a Yama-King was.

However, before they had a chance to say anything further, eight chains had already shot through their foreheads. Their bodies were reduced to nothingness in the blink of an eye, and eight screaming souls vanished up Qin Ye's sleeve.

Holy crap... Qin Ye inspected his own hands with a stunned expression. As a Yama-King, he was now exponentially more powerful than he had been as an Abyssal Prefect or Infernal Judge!

He felt as if he could move heaven and earth with just a single thought, and an Abyssal Prefect had next to zero chance against him.

At the same time, several strings of information appeared in his mind.

"Jason Vorhees, special Yin spirit, ranked 23rd on the list of special Yin spirits, living dead."

"Leatherface, special Yin spirit, ranked 26th on the list of special Yin spirits, Yin demon."

"Freddy Krueger, special Yin spirit, ranked 24th on the list of special Yin spirits, malicious nightmare spirit."

"Bach, werewolf. Spencer, vampire. Talina, black witch."

"Otakemaru, special Yin spirit, ranked 17th on the list of special Yin spirits, mountain and sea vengeful spirit."

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