Chapter 794: Godspite Corpse (3)

No one could've anticipated that Chu Renmei would appear at such a crucial juncture, and it was certainly also a surprise that she was able to convince the other evil ghost to return to where it had come from.

Her actions had completely ruined Qin Ye's plan!

"Motherfucker..." He took several deep breaths in succession before suddenly picking up his handheld transceiver. "It's time to go all-out!"

Under the locust tree, Emoven and Othilie were severely doubting their own ears.

We should've never given him that handheld transceiver! 

"If you don't do as I say, I'll lure that evil ghost from just now straight to you. I can leave at any time, but I'm not sure you'll be so lucky."


Emoven and Othilies were furious beyond words! The profanities of the English language were too bland to express their current emotions of grief and fury!

"Fine..." Othilie spat through gritted teeth after three seconds of enraged silence. "But I swear that I'll report you when I return to the Vatican! You won't be getting away with this without any consequences!"

Qin Ye switched off his handheld transceiver.

Go and report me all you want! I'll applaud you if you can find me. I don't even know what my current status is myself... 

After letting loose a loud yell to vent their frustration and indignation, the two preachers sprang into action. In the next instant, scintillating golden light erupted from the bottom of the locust tree, and the sound of a holy choir and chanting rang out across the entire earthen building. Boundless golden light pierced into the darkness, instantly reducing countless Yin spirits into nothingness amid a flurry of blood-curdling howls.

Even Chu Renmei didn't want to directly face this golden light. Her hair writhed as if it had a life of its own, forming an inky-black protective cocoon around her. At the same time, Qin Ye sprang up and charged toward the gap between the third and fourth floors as quickly as he could.

The time is now! 

Chu Renmei's arrival would've most likely caused the other Abyssal Prefect to develop a sense of complacency. Perhaps it was currently watching from somewhere with glee, waiting for Chu Renmei to slaughter these humans. Any being would habitually relax after a period of tension, this was an instinct that could only be circumvented by people who had undergone special training, and an experienced hunter would definitely choose this window of opportunity to strike.

Lightning was flashing from above, while holy light illuminated the ground, causing the entire earthen building to oscillate back and forth between light and darkness. In the wake of such an eye-catching spectacle, Qin Ye didn't attract any attention. However, as he charged toward the gap between the third and fourth floors, more and more of the Yin energy within his body was released to fuel his acceleration, and within the span of less than three seconds, two pairs of eyes had locked directly onto him.

One of the pairs of eyes belonged to Chu Renmei. The black cocoon of hair around her abruptly exploded, revealing her deathly pale blue-robed figure as she charged directly toward him amid a sharp screech. The other pair of eyes belonged to that peculiar being between the third and fourth floors. That evil ghost remained completely still, but its Yin energy was already converging toward Qin Ye from all directions in a frenzy.

"Die!!!" Chu Renmei's disheveled black hair was dancing wildly around her, and her terrifying facial features had become completely twisted. The sharp black teeth in her mouth were clearly visible, and her black nails had elongated to over a foot in length each. However, right as she was about to pounce toward Qin Ye, an oil paper umbrella with two faces drawn on its surface, one Yin and one Yang, opened up in front of her

At the same time, the sound of drumming rang out from somewhere, and the umbrella quickly split up into six fans and a spear. The tip of the spear was aimed directly at the top of Chu Renmei's head, and in the next instant, a burst of fierce wind was swept up as the fans were splayed out in unison, attacking different vital regions all over her body!

Simultaneously, Emoven and Othilie let loose a loud yell in unison as they joined their palms, and they began to chant rapidly as the copy of the holy bible flew toward Chu Renmei like lightning in an attempt to completely envelop her. All of a sudden, all avenues for retreat and evasion had been sealed off for Chu Renmie, and she was forced to stop cold in her tracks.

Emoven's lips were slightly blue, and his body was trembling as he stared at the evil ghost before him. The Yin energy that this vengeful spirit possessed was more powerful than anything he had ever seen before. 

The last thing he wanted to do was to attack such a fearsome entity, but he knew that they could only survive if Qin Ye wished for it to be so. As for how they could convince him to let them live, there was naturally only one way...

They had to kneel down and lick his boots...

Acting according to Qin Ye's wishes, sucking up to him in new ways that no one had ever thought of before; that was the essence of boot-licking!

Qin Ye didn't look down to check how the preachers were faring. He knew that the two of them knew what they had to do in order to survive. Thus, his attention had been focused solely on a single target this entire time.

Whoosh... He ran as fast as the wind along the semi-circular passageway that led to the school, shattering all of the doors and windows in his path. He had adopted his Emissary of Hell form and reached maximum speed, and he was so fast that two lines of smoldering netherflames had been left in his wake!

His body had virtually completely transformed into a gust of Yin wind, and the netherflames in his eyes were burning with intense focus. Ahead of him, the entire school was already in ruins. The doors, the windows, the floorboards, the walls... All of it was beginning to warp and reform, revealing the evil ghost that was lurking within the shadows.

Boundless Yin energy surged out of the ruined school, forming a revolving black hole in mid-air. The same deathly pale children with black holes in the place of facial features that Qin Ye had seen once before emerged yet again all around him. Their faces appeared in the surrounding air, and immediately thereafter, they shrieked with anguish as they rushed into the black hole.

"Go... away... Get out!!"

The black hole was warping violently, and a voice that was hoarse and raspy to the extreme sounded from within it. Qin Ye merely smiled in response. His red Abyssal Prefect's suit fluttered in the wind like a red cloud, and he swept a long sleeve through the air to release the soul orb in his grasp.

Instead of retreating, he continued to advance!

"You asked for it!!"

In the next instant, a giant monster emerged from the black hole amid a thunderous roar of fury.

The monster had the face of a man, but his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears had all been sewn shut using red thread. It was like the sun, and the "light" of this "sun" was the hundreds of sets of children's arms!

This was a terrifying scene that was enough to drive anyone suffering from trypophobia mad! The deathly pale hands extended outward, with some of them grabbing onto the ceiling, while others clawed against the ground. The human head was over three meters tall, and it abruptly opened its mouth before biting viciously toward Qin Ye.

Its oral cavity was riddled with countless holes, and reddish-black blood was pouring out of these holes. There were also countless deathly pale children's faces extending out of the skull before letting loose sharp shrieks in Qin Ye's direction.

There were only 50 meters left between them.

Both sides had reached their maximum speeds, and Qin Ye had no reason to back down, while the evil ghost didn't even know the definition of retreat. Fierce Yin winds were blowing directly into both of them as the distance between them dwindled even further. 50 meters, 30 meters... Even the railings beside the two of them were beginning to crack in the face of their final charge.

The evil ghost was staring intently at Qin Ye. It could sense that Qin Ye was very powerful, but this was its territory! It would rather not have to face a being of Qin Ye's caliber, but that didn't mean that it was afraid!

As the two continued to charge toward one another, its instincts told it that it could win!

Qin Ye displayed no intention of backing down. 20 meters... 10 meters... 5 meters... He was already so close that he could clearly see the black nails on the fingertips of the children's hands. Right at this moment, he suddenly smiled and said, "You must know your opponent to ensure victory. It may come as a surprise to you, but I've never been a physical-class fighter. Instead, I rely on technique!"

The smile suddenly vanished from his face as he yelled, "Phagpa!"

"I'm here, My Lord." Phagpa's voice rang out in response several dozen meters away. He hovered quietly on the spot while his monk robes flapped around him, and lines of scarlet text lit up all over his body as his Yin energy erupted directly into the heavens. All of a sudden, his body abruptly overlapped with Qin Ye's shadow, and this shadow was elongated to over 50 meters in length!

Immediately thereafter, Phagpa slammed his hands heavily down onto the ground!

His hands and the shadow seemed to have fused as one, and the shadow instantly shortened until it was directly behind Qin Ye. A hand then abruptly shot out of the shadow beneath Qin Ye's feet before grabbing directly onto the evil ghost's nose.

In the blink of an eye, light and shadow switched, and it was as if a glitch had taken place in real life. The evil ghost was stunned for an instant, and by the time it returned to its senses, it found itself standing 50 meters away from the school at the same spot where Phagpa had previously been standing!

Meanwhile, Qin Ye and Phapga were standing at the school's entrance.

Qin Ye took a meaningful glance at the evil ghost. Just now, he had confirmed one thing: the face of that ghost belonged to Huang Jiansen.

So he's been the one guarding the opening between the third and fourth floors all along? 

It wasn't the time to be thinking about such matters now, and Qin Ye quickly rushed into the school. Up above, a vortex of Yin energy had already appeared, and it resembled an entrance to the abyss.

I've finally made it here... Qin Ye heaved a sigh of relief as he rushed into the vortex without any hesitation.

All of this had taken place in the blink of an eye, and only now did the evil ghost realize what had happened. Its twisted body began to tremble slightly, and the red threads binding its orifices shut snapped as it opened its eyes, but as opposed to eyes, there were pairs of mouths beneath its eyelids.

Its fury seemed to have allowed it to recover a shred of its intelligence, and it was even speaking in a more fluent manner as it stared intently at Phapga. "You deserve to die! Piss off right now and I'll spare your worthless life!"

As soon as its voice trailed off, it charged directly toward Phagpa like a deranged wrecking ball.

At the same time, Yin energy erupted from Phagpa's entire body as he quickly began to swell up like a balloon. Right as the evil ghost reached him, a giant hand emerged from within the Yin energy to grab onto the evil ghost's nose.

The hand was attached to a true giant.

Only the giant's upper body still remained on the third floor, while its lower body was situated on the second floor. The giant was extraordinarily thin, seemingly nothing more than a skeleton wrapped in skin. There were three skulls embedded into the giant’s shoulders and chest, and its stomach was split open from the front revealing a complete lack of internal organs. There was also a necklace of skulls around the giant's neck.

"You say you want to kill me? Did I hear that right?" A twisted smile appeared on Phagpa's distorted face as he threw a vicious punch. "You dare to attack me just because I was smaller than you? Who's the big guy now, huh? A Godspite Corpse like you is truly a rare sight. Which one of your closest loved ones was cruel enough to reduce you to such a sorry state?"


The evil ghost was sent flying close to 20 meters by Phagpa's almighty punch, destroying the rooms behind it as it shot back like a cannonball, only to immediately charge toward Phagpa again with a furious roar.

"You're just a brainless idiot! You have so much power, but you have no idea how to use it..." Phagpa spread his hand open, and a lotus flower insignia quickly appeared on his palm. "I finally managed to convince King Yanluo to give me a chance at redemption, you better not ruin this for me! I have to serve the Cathayan Underworld and take Tantric Buddhism to new heights!"

Countless rays of crimson light erupted forth, illuminating the entire third floor.


Qin Ye had no idea what was happening on the floor below him. In the instant he stepped onto the fourth floor, it was as if he had entered a dream.

He was situated in a long corridor that was initially pitch-black, but it gradually took on a grey hue that became lighter and lighter. At the end of the corridor, pure white Yin energy dissipated like scattered clouds, revealing a certain scene before his eyes...

The scene depicted the Huang Clan's earthen building.

"Are you well in the foreign land? Do you shed tears when you think of your home? Are you well in the foreign land? Do you miss my warm embrace?" The powerful voice of Bald Man Li Jin rang out from the radio. This was one of the most popular songs back in 1994 to 1995, and Huang Xiaoqing was listening to the song as she smoked a cigarette. She was still wearing that familiar cheongsam, and she was the most active resident of this building. 

The elderly man who had spoken to Qin Ye on one previous occasion was reading a newspaper, while several young men were staring up at the giant locust tree with bored expressions, allowing the sporadic rays of light that filtered through the tree's canopy to cast shadows onto their faces... This scene was exactly like the one he had been greeted by when he had first entered the Huang Clan's earthen building. It was very quiet, the type of peace and quiet that one would expect in a morgue.

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