Chapter 630: Everburn (3)

“Amazing!” An old Yin spirit with graying hair in the crowd exclaimed in amazement, and then promptly turned to another old Yin spirit beside him with a smile, “Do you think we should… resume gainful employment once more?”

“We can most certainly consider that.” The other old Yin spirit responded with a gleam in his eyes, “King Yanluo isn’t simply promoting a monetary system. Everburn is practically looking to develop the entire Insignia Province. How many jobs do you think will be created in the process? How many industries will come into being? More importantly, such a rapid development here in Everburn will most certainly form a stable foundation for the banking industry to find a footing. In other words, Everburn is slowly but surely shaping up to become a more complete society!”

Why was Everburn’s production capacity lacking in the past?

Because there was a commensurate lack of motivating factors!

Granted, Qin Ye had previously utilized the allure of entertainment facilities and amenities to motivate its workers. Unfortunately, this was nothing more than a stop-gap measure. Its effectiveness would never last more than a year, and he would be right back to square one, where things were when Hell first commenced operations.

Besides, there were loopholes that others could easily exploit.

For instance, certain entertainment facilities and amenities couldn’t simply be played on their own. Certain games such as mahjong even required four hands to move. Additionally, even if one weren’t playing the game themselves, it was still fun watching others play.

This meant that there were also several Yin spirits who were enjoying themselves without working. Furthermore, notwithstanding the increasing number of citizens in Everburn, there were only so many jobs to go around. How many jobs were required for a construction site that spanned only several square kilometers?

Naturally, Everburn reached a point of saturation very quickly - both in terms of emotional needs, as well as production capacity. Consequently, Everburn’s development also showed a commensurate slow-down.

But what Qin Ye was doing right now was essentially the same as replacing an old engine with a brand-new turbo engine in the sports car that is Everburn!

Fortunately, the citizens appear to have accepted housing prices as part and parcel of a way of life, and it doesn’t seem unacceptable to them at all… Qin Ye nodded at Oda Nobunaga, and both men smiled faintly at each other.

Then, once everyone has a place to call their own, we can finally start looking at the possibility of mortal realm visitations again. Ashmound City had spearheaded such operations only because the required facilities were already in place. But, that said…

Have there been any others who had made a trip back to the mortal realm apart from Zhang Zeguang?

Were merit points really that easily earned?

If it were, how could “black-hearted” be Qin Ye’s middle name?

At the rate they were accruing merit points, one could only expect to make a trip back to the mortal realm after completing a project in a few years time. The launch of the real estate industry, coupled with the prospects of returning to the mortal realm, was like a combination punch that would knock out all inclinations to idleness in the hearts of the Yin spirits in Hell. Meanwhile, the launch of the variegated industries in tandem with these developments would provide everyone in Everburn with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Eh? It suddenly feels as though I’m playing “civilization” all over again…

“The fourth order of business.” Qin Ye went on, and everyone immediately fell silent, “The fourth order of business is none other than the inauguration ceremony of Everburn City.”

“That’s it?” The Yin spirits stared at each other with incredulity. Some of them had even used to be government officials in their lifetime.

Is that it?

No lengthy reports, bragging of achievements, or other particulars? Is that really it?

“They clearly haven’t seen the world out there.” The old Yin spirits had already returned to their senses from the shocking news that they had received earlier, and they couldn’t help but chuckle at the contrived expressions on the faces of the younger Yin spirits around, “Since when has Yanluo Qin ever said anything more than he has to at these general assemblies? The day he does is the day I find something wrong with him.”

“That’s right. He gets straight to the point, and then backs his words with his actions. What else is he expected to say? Explain the spirit behind the central government? Is that something us men on the street can understand?”

“Exactly… That’s why the news back in the mortal realm has always been the same. The first ten minutes would discuss how the world is at peace, and our nation is flourishing. Then, for the next ten minutes, they would talk about how there are still some changes to be made to society so that we can keep with the times. Then, the last ten minutes would speak of how the rest of the world isn’t doing quite as well as us… Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

“You can’t say that. Cathay needs a central voice to communicate with its people. It’s got too many people under its command after all. It’s only when the upper echelon of the government is attuned with each other that the rest of the nation can function. And to that end, some measure of censorship isn’t entirely unreasonable. After all, if we let the news take its course, we really wouldn’t be able to get right to the point. It’s understandable.”

Qin Ye ignored the chatter of the citizens. With the quick wave of his hands, the red silk wrapped tightly around the new buildings in Everburn snapped in unison. Oda Nobunaga immediately applauded, following which the entire city erupted with applause.

It was over. That said, the Yin spirits didn’t feel saddened by the end of the much-anticipated event at all. Instead, they all knew that this was only the beginning of a series of detailed explanations of the ordinances earlier mentioned by Qin Ye. Therefore, the Yin spirits continued to gather in groups of three to fives, speculating about what was to come, and discussing their plans ahead of them.

Just then, as the crowd was slowly about to disperse, a boundless aura of Yin energy suddenly descended from the sky without any warning.

They were clearly sources of suppressed Yin energy, each of which belonged to a Judge-class entity. They didn’t unleash the full might of their Yin energy, and yet, even then, the sudden onset of six sources of Judge-class Yin energy caused the entire Everburn City to panic at once!

“What the hell is this?!” “What powerful Yin energy… It feels… almost as though it’s more powerful than even Mr Oda himself!” “A-a-a-are they coming to Hell?” “What’s going on here?”

“Silence!!!” Oda Nobunaga bellowed at once, “Black Armored Troops!”

“Yes, sir!” At once, 2,000 Black Armored troops rushed out from nowhere and stood valiantly in front of the city. The leader of the troops half-knelt to the ground and placed one hand across his chest, “We live and die for Hell!”

“Line up in formation!”

At once, a trumpet sounded, and 1,000 Black Armored Troops rushed forward like a black torrent that dammed up the entrance to Everburn City. It was only then that Oda Nobunaga turned back and declared valiantly, “With our King Yanluo here in Hell, is there any reason to be afraid of merely six Judge-class Yin beasts?”

His words of reassurance, coupled with Qin Ye’s overwhelming illusory figure, caused all of the Yin spirits to snap back to their senses. At once, they turned and stared intently outside the city even as they subconsciously shifted closer towards Hell’s Gate - the pillar and foundation of Hell in their hearts.

Rumble… The ground trembled softly. Everburn City didn’t have the protection of city walls.

The curtain of light that once shielded the city had now expanded to envelop the entire underworldly Insignia Province. Naturally, it left Everburn City looking like one of the modern day cities with a completely open concept.

“Monarch beasts…” The commander of the Black Armored Troops gnashed his teeth and bellowed his instructions at once, “Shields!!”

Such an open concept city could never hold up against the onslaught of six Judge-class Yin beasts!

“Yaaaa!!!” With a valiant cry, the Black Armored Troops standing at the front of the formation planted their shields into the ground, while the rest of the troops pulled out their sabers at once. Their fighting spirit flourished as they stared down the Judge-class monarch beasts that were approaching quickly.

They’re getting closer… The commander’s pupils quivered violently. He was still fraught with disbelief at the sudden assault of monarch beasts. Moments later, the once-dark clouds in the sky were slowly tainted with a scarlet hue.

The tremors slowly drew closer and escalated in intensity. One second… two seconds… three seconds… Five seconds later, with a terrifying roar, six colossal figures rose up from behind the mountain range in the distance as they charged towards Everburn City!

SSS!!! A half-lady half-bird harpy rose up high into the sky. Her limbs were completely formed out of skeletons, joined together only with a demonic, fleshy membrane that formed its wings. As she flew over, she left a trail of Karmic Fire in the wake of her approach.

On the ground, five other peculiar Yin beasts, each of which was approximately 100 meters in size, charged over furiously. One appeared to have tentacles with innumerable heads in place of their limbs; one appeared to be a bloody creature of exposed flesh without skin; one had twisted limbs; while another crawled along the ground like a spider. But the one that remained in the center of the formation appeared no different from a massive head that had been split right down the middle, and a terrifying jade-green netherflame burnt from where its brain was. They charged towards the ground with pounding tremors that shook the hearts of all Yin spirits around.

“My god…” The Yin spirits exclaimed under their breaths as their hearts skipped a beat.

1,000 meters… 800 meters… 600 meters!

Outside the city, the Black Armored Troops could practically hear their hearts beating right out of their chests. Every hair on their bodies stood on end in terror. However, not a single person took a single step back and broke formation.

500 meters… 400 meters… 300 meters!

Just then, Qin Ye suddenly smiled, “How obedient.”

With that, his illusory figure abruptly vanished. Meanwhile, the stampede of monarch beasts was only 200 meters from the formation of Yin soldiers!

Click… The commander gritted his teeth and tightened his grip around the saber in his hands. He knew that there was no way he would be able to stand against these Yin beasts. In all likelihood, he would be reduced to ashes in the very moment that they clashed. However… they were the only things that stood between the Yin beasts and their home. He bore the burden of King Yanluo’s trust on his shoulders.

This was why it was often said that soldiers were trained for a thousand days for a single moment of war.

How could they possibly retreat?

“Prepare for battle…” He took a deep breath, and then took the lead and charged valiantly towards the monarch beasts, “We fight to the death!!!”

Adrenaline coursed through his body. He could see every single detail in the hideous expressions of each of the monarch beasts, right down to the grit between their razor-sharp teeth. Just then… BOOM!!! A source of Yin energy far more powerful than the six monarch beasts combined suddenly landed right in front of them like a powerful meteor!

“Holy crap…” The citizens back in the city were completely flabbergasted by what they saw. The older Yin spirits in Hell didn’t seem too astonished, but the younger Yin spirits couldn’t help but watch with their jaws agape.

“What the hell is this?!” A young Yin spirit rubbed his eyes as he stared with great disbelief, “Cultivation?! Bloody hell! What kind of inhuman power is this?!”

“A-aren’t these things that we only see in the movies?” “Is this the power of our King Yanluo? Is this the might of Hell’s master?” “That’s got to be comparable to the impact of a missile, isn’t it?” “Is that an Emissary of Hell? A powerful one at that? Could we ever become something like that?”

It was impossible to hold themselves together.

Everything that was happening before their very eyes was simply too outrageous.

In fact, the plume of Yin energy that had just arrived in Hell suddenly materialized and transformed into a wall that rose high into the sky. Countless faces of resentful souls faded in and out of the wall of Yin energy, screaming, howling and crying with twisted and contrived expressions as they tried their level best to reach their hands out of what appeared to be a dark mire!

And Qin Ye remained suspended in the air right in the heart of the plume of Yin energy like the monarch of hell.

It was absolutely awe-inspiring and domineering. In that instant, even the old Yin spirits couldn’t help but exclaim at how amazing Emissaries of Hell truly were.

200 meters… 100 meters!

As soon as the towering walls of Yin energy appeared, the six orderly monarch beasts instantly flew into a frenzy.

SSS!!! A two-headed monarch beast scrambled to bring itself to a halt, just like any other monarch beasts around them. Netherflames scattered everywhere, while they hissed and spat desperately. At once, their actions kicked up a huge cloud of sand and dust.

But what was more bizarre was the fact that every single monarch beast actually knowingly stopped right in front of Qin Ye, almost as though there was an invisible line that marked the boundary between life and death to them.

And then… they all bowed their heads down in unison.

“Very good.” Qin Ye drifted over and reached out his hand. At once, the monarch beast closest to him immediately lifted its head and rubbed it against Qin Ye’s hand like a tame beast. In fact… it even appeared to be doing its best to put on a flattering smile on its otherwise hideous face.

It was a smile that appeared even uglier than if it was crying.

“Hell will brand its mark directly onto your souls.” Qin Ye gently patted the monarch beast closest to him, “Once that is done, you’ll officially be considered a part of Hell. You’ll be paid wages for your work, and you may even be allotted your own hunting ground in future. With any luck, you may have a separate mountain or a forest set aside for your private use.”

“Do you understand?”

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