Chapter 604: Escort

Lee Jung-sook marched out from the shadows dressed in a lady’s suit, and she gave Jeon Yunji a placid nod. Meanwhile, Jeon Yunji couldn’t help but stare back at her with a complicated gaze.

He knew that Miss Lee wasn’t simple. The fact that she even had intelligence on what exactly was going on was a clear indication of her influence. Thus, he couldn’t quite wrap his mind around why she would be the first one to come forward and stand at the frontlines at the earliest sign of trouble to Daehan.

“Sir, it’s an honour that Miss Lee would step forward for such a task. I hope that… you would be satisfied with her company.” He pursed his lips and took a deep bow, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave so that I can head straight to Cheongwadae and relay to them everything that has been discussed here today.”

Wang Chenghao waved his hand indifferently. At once, Qin Ye and his party of people immediately vanished from the spot, together with Lee Jung-sook. On the other hand, Jeon Yunji didn’t leave immediately, as he had earlier indicated. Rather, he simply stared vacantly at where Qin Ye and the rest were for several more minutes, before finally sighing wistfully and leading everyone to where the cars were already waiting.

How did things turn out like this?

As soon as he got onto the car, he stared at the roof and massaged his temples in anguish.

The Church of Spirit World, the scandal of the puppet president, the emergence of an Abyssal Prefect, and even the involvement of the Queen of Samsung? Is this… the beginning of the end of Daehan as we know it?

He didn’t dare delve any deeper into his current train of thoughts.


“So, this is Gonjiam Asylum, huh?” Lee Jung-sook glanced around at the interior of Gonjiam Asylum with great interest. She appeared just like a fish in water in the presence of evil ghosts.

“Miss Lee.” Kwon Kyung-ho snuggled up to Lee Jung-sook, and she promptly smiled and patted his head as though he were a little puppy. Meanwhile, Qin Ye yawned and leaned back on the wall, obscuring part of the words that had been scrawled all over, “You’ve never been here before?”

At once, Lee Jung-sook rolled her eyes, “You’re talking about one of the top seven places in the world for paranormal sightings. Have you forgotten that I’m a lady?”

“I mean… you’ve dealt with Crow Tengu and Black Yaksha at arms’ length, and yet you daren’t venture into the depths of Gonjiam Asylum?”

Lee Jung-sook glanced back at him as though he were an idiot, “Do you even realize that this is a mental hospital? Does it even make sense that I venture into these parts to begin with?”

That’s true…

Qin Ye yawned, “Speaking of which, why are you here?”

“No reason.” Lee Jung-sook plodded along, sending melodious clacks echoing through the cold corners of the corridor, “I just wanted to see how things end.”

“Truth be told, my presence here makes no difference. Daehan will certainly bend over backwards and accept all of your conditions. After all…”

She turned back and giggled softly, “Jeon Yunji probably doesn’t appreciate the magnitude of the demands you’ve made. However, I do. Given your requests, I’m afraid Daehan wouldn’t even be able to maintain a 3% growth rate for its economy over the next five years.”

Without missing a beat, she gently waved her clutch bag around, “You might not know this, but 3% is a pretty significant number as far as the economic growth rate is concerned. Sure, it might be arbitrary, but it’s well accepted that a 3% growth rate would signify that there are no major problems with a country’s economy. But so long as it falls below 3%, it would represent problems in the country - and not an insignificant one to boot. Not too shabby, aren’t you? You’ve actually managed to stifle the economy of an entire country and achieved what many other countries aren’t able to do. Should I award you with a medal or something?”

Qin Ye rubbed his nose bashfully - Well… truth be told, I didn’t think so much about the economic implications of my demands. I can’t help that these are the things that I really need at the present moment.

“But don’t get ahead of yourself.” Lee Jung-sook pulled out a cigarette, “You’ve asked for too much. It’s well beyond Daehan’s bottom line, and I’m rather certain they wouldn’t be able to agree to it. Half of what you’re asking for would be a far more palatable option. Would you consider that?”

Qin Ye shook his head and frowned, “So… you’re here to lobby for the Daeian government?”

Lee Jung-sook glanced at him and then giggled softly, “How could I possibly be representing the government? You know, you should really learn a thing or two about finances.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Ye was puzzled by her comments, “If you’re not lobbying for the government, then what are you doing here? And why did they say you’re here as their negotiator?”

Lee Jung-sook skirted around the question completely. Instead, she continued to survey her surroundings within Gonjiam Asylum, illuminated only by the sunbeams peeking through the cracks and windows of the building. She took a puff of her cigarette and then exhaled the smoke with elegance and poise. And then, she suddenly quipped, “Do you find Daeian food palatable?”

Qin Ye: ???

Am I getting old? Why does it feel like I don’t understand what you’re saying anymore?

“Then, let’s have some Daeian food.” Lee Jung-sook walked up to him and revealed a beautiful smile. Without missing a beat, she raised her finger, reached into Qin Ye’s collar, and gently tugged at it, “C’mon, don’t be shy. What are you still waiting there for?”

Qin Ye was led away, completely frazzled with confusion.

There was simply no room for retort.

Wang Chenghao and Oda Nobutada stood right behind the two with their eyes bulging out. Several seconds later, Wang Chenghao coughed dryly, “It’s over… I can sense our big boss’ soul leaving his body.”

“Perhaps things might not be that bad.” Oda Nobutada wasn’t quite as worried, “He knows exactly what he wants. I mean, Su Dongxue is also a beauty in her own right, but have you ever seen Lord Qin unable to control his belt?”

“How can you even compare the two of them in the same breath?! They’re worlds apart! Secretary Su might be a vixen, but I can assure you that I saw nine tails unravelling behind Lady Lee earlier!”

“... Nine tails?”

“... I don’t think I want to talk to you anymore.”

Qin Ye naturally wasn’t aware of the banter going on behind his back. He was completely enthralled by Lee Jung-sook as soon as she hooked him away. He could even smell the faint fragrance of Chanel perfume wafting from her body.

It was the scent of orchids, fresh but elegant. The fragrance immediately conveyed the imagery of a great beauty emerging from the gardenia after the rain, and without any forewarning whatsoever. It was akin to a pleasant, unanticipated surprise.

Still, it had nothing to do with his feelings.

Any normal man approached by a top beauty in such a fashion would be beguiled by her in an instant.

He soon got into Lee Jung-sook’s car. It was an azure blue Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, priced at 1.4 million dollars. This time, there wasn’t a driver in the car.

Am I… finally going to get some after all these years? T-this is as blatant an invitation as it gets, isn’t it? Doesn’t this mean that she has feelings for me? Born out of a mutual reliance arising out of the fact that we are kindred spirits? Reliance and responsibility, huh… Doesn’t this mean that I should already start to consider what to name our children? What’s a good kindergarten to send them to? Unfortunately, we haven’t even begun to roll out any form of education industry back in the underworld, so we’ve got no choice but to send our kids to schools in the mortal realm… Ah, but that would make sense! Our children would be humans after all!

His thoughts quickly spun out of control. He naturally felt an attraction to Lee Jung-sook. After all, her body exuded the warmth and fragrance of a living person far more than any of the others that he was regularly in contact with.

The etchings on her body were clear evidence of her life experiences.

And the best proof yet was the fact that she was still actively searching for a way to die.


No. To Qin Ye’s mind, had he not been entrusted with the task of rebuilding Hell, he might just have done the same thing after several hundred years of living.

That said, his feelings for her were only limited to that of passive attraction, and would never instigate him to take any initiative in that regard.

Thus, they had always treated each other with great respect, almost as though they were confidantes.

“What’s on your mind?” Lee Jung-sook turned on the radio, and a pleasant tune immediately formed the ambience for their interactions, “Do you really think that we’re a good match?”

“Cough, cough, cough!!!” Qin Ye immediately coughed and sputtered. They were kindred spirits who had similar life experiences. Naturally, they would be inclined to act the same way and know each other’s thoughts.

But what he hadn’t expected was just how much of a handle she had over his thoughts. It was almost as though she was running circles around him…

Why does it always feel like I’m digging a hole for myself?

And lady, can you please be more reserved?!

Rather than digging deeper and pressing the point, Lee Jung-sook simply glanced at him and curled her lips evocatively.

“No… I think…”

“That’s right. What I think doesn’t matter. It’s all about what you think, isn’t it?” Lee Jung-sook adjusted her sunglasses, “Male chauvinist.”

Ah, there it is… Qin Ye knew that he couldn’t go on anymore. Several seconds later, he cleared his throat and attempted to change the topic, “Well, I was just thinking of getting to know each other better, since we happen to be kindred spirits.”

“And that we happen to be of the opposite sex as well, eh?”

“... Did you have to put it so bluntly?”

Lee Jung-sook suddenly smiled radiantly. She placed her hands on the steering wheel and quipped, “Do you know something? You’re the first man that has ever gotten into this car.”

What car?!

What do you mean?!

Lady, please have some restraint! Do you think I’d actually fall for such shallow seduction tactics?

My heart longs for you, and it asks… Is love a sin? Is this feeling bad? …” A famous song entitled “Love Is Not a Crime” by the famous singer, Baek Ji Young, played on the radio at the most opportune time, and neither Qin Ye nor Lee Jung-sook said a single word.

They zipped through the roads, passing by cars and scenic fields alike. It was daytime. The clouds in the sky drifted about aimlessly. As he looked upon them, Qin Ye couldn’t help but feel as though the tension in his heart had eased all at once.

They remained silent for the rest of the journey, and it didn’t take long before the car finally arrived back in Hanyang. When Qin Ye got off, he discovered that he was standing right in front of the famous Hotel Shilla.

“Hotel Shilla, part of a group that is affiliated to Samsung. There’s a good restaurant located on the roof.” A valet officer immediately ran over as soon as the car stopped. Lee Jung-sook stepped out, tossed the car keys over in style and marched off without a care in the world.

She had probably made a reservation prior to this, because as soon as she entered, the top management of the hotel who were already lined up at the entrance immediately bowed deeply, “Miss Lee, you’re here. Unfortunately, because this happened on short notice, we were unable to prepare some of the new dishes on our menu.”

“That’s fine. The usual will do. Two portions, please.” Then, without turning back, Lee Jung-sook approached the elevator and began to make her way up.

A restaurant was located at the top floor of the hotel. The restaurant’s design was clearly built around a wooden theme with black and gray accents. The name of the restaurant was La Yeon.

“This is one of the only two restaurants here in Daehan that have been awarded the coveted 3 Michelin stars. It’s also ranked as the 38th best restaurant here in the East Continent. It offers Daeian cuisine that is as authentic as it gets. Please have a taste.” As soon as she entered, a waiter immediately received their coats and led them to their seats.

The linen tablecloths and porcelain wares were all of top-grade quality. The flowers and lamps in the seating area seamlessly fused both ancient architecture and modern styles. Dated screens were used to separate seating areas for privacy, while a soft incense was used to add an additional dimension to the dining experience in the restaurant. Furthermore, the seats were located by the window, and the height of the building provided them with an excellent vantage of Hanyang City. Everything here was admittedly perfect and harmonious.

The waiter specially allocated to serve them had already poured out the drinks for them. The transparent glasses held a milky white liquid. Qin Ye took a sip of it, and his eyes immediately brightened.

This was makgeolli, or traditional Daeian rice wine.

The balance of sweetness and slight tartness in the wine was perfect, and it even elevated the fragrance of the alcohol within. La Yeon was clearly a celebration of Daeian cuisine.

“Can you finally tell me now?” Qin Ye raised his glass respectfully to Lee Jung-sook, “Why do you say that you couldn’t possibly be lobbying for the Daeian government? And if that’s the case, what are your intentions here?”

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