Chapter 594: Terminus of Terror (2)

The walls of the corridor were maroon in colour. That said, this wasn’t the colour of the paint. It was borne out of the fact that the entire wall was simply so old and mottled that the original hue of the walls could no longer be seen.

Moreover, there were countless scratch marks, bloody handprints and irregular and distorted writing everywhere on the walls. Meanwhile, the MV Sewol abruptly slowed down in the corridor, almost as though it had just encountered the most terrifying Yin spirit ever.

The MV Sewol filled up the entire space of the corridor. The electric lights hanging overhead snapped and flickered, shedding light on the benches lining both sides of the long corridor.

They looked no different from the benches placed around at old hospitals.

The green paintwork on these benches were already fading away and flaking off, only to be covered with a new coat of black and red bloodstains. That said, what was most striking about these benches was the fact that… there were actually still people seated on them!

And they were all wearing the uniforms issued to them by the mental asylum to boot!

Some were even wearing straitjackets with their arms bound tightly behind them. Most of them had their heads tilted back, revealing eyes that were clearly out of focus as they drooled endlessly on themselves. From time to time, they would gasp intermittently and smack their lips.


It was a chilling sight to behold, especially under the flickering hanging lights of the long corridor!

“I’m not afraid… I’m not afraid…” Wang Chenghao felt goosebumps creeping up all over his body. The corridor was filled with many psychiatric patients that lined benches along the sides of the corridor, while the lights swayed softly above him. He took several deep breaths, and then took a closer look.

The benches were incredibly long, and extended well into the ends of the corridor. A number of patients sat on the benches - 21 patients on each side, for a total of 42 people. A mottled iron door stood at the end of the corridor. The upper part of the iron door was bolted tightly by a piece of iron covered with blood.

Bzzt… bzzt… The corridor was silent as a morgue. Then, just as Wang Chenghao glanced around, the 42 psychiatric patients raised their heads abruptly, and then… revealed a hair-raising smile at the same time!

It was a silent smile.

Almost as though they had just discovered the best toy or the most delectable delight. Some drooled from their lips, while blood seeped out of the lips of others. Wang Chenghao’s heart instantly skipped a beat!

“Legend has it that… 42 psychiatric patients collectively committed suicide back here in Gonjiam Asyluma, and then the dean vanished soon after… Are these 42 patients supposed to be the same as those who had committed suicide earlier?” As the MV Sewol advanced, he drew closer and closer to the iron door. By this point, he could even hear the intent gulping of saliva of some of the patients.

He wanted to jump down and rush forward like how Oda Nobutada had done on several occasions, but… he couldn’t. His legs were shaking too hard.

His eyes glanced from side to side at the psychiatric patients with gritted teeth. His lips trembled softly. And then, he shut his eyes… and leapt with all his might.

“AHHHHHH!!!” His scream resounded throughout the entire corridor. Then, as soon as he landed on the ground, he lowered his head and barrelled forward straight towards the iron door.

Strangely enough, the patients didn’t rush up to him. Instead, they remained seated where they were, turning their heads to follow Wang Chenghao’s movements with an odd smile on their faces.

“Heh… here comes another…” “Welcome…” “Come… join us…”

They were obviously murmuring to themselves, yet Wang Chenghao could clearly hear every word they were saying. Fraught with fear, he could do nothing more than scream at the top of his voice to drown out their voices and dispel the fear in his heart.

But just then, he suddenly paused right where he was.

Thump, thump… Thump, thump… A series of disorderly thumps resounded throughout the corridor, almost as though there were something right behind him!

What is this sound?!

Wang Chenghao’s entire body was trembling, and his eyes instantly grew bloodshot. He hadn’t wanted to stop if he could help it. Unfortunately, his own instincts told him otherwise.

Thump, thump… Thump, thump! The thumping sounds grew increasingly crisp and clear. A split second later, they grew louder than Wang Chenghao’s footsteps itself, filling the entire corridor with the oppressiveness of its irregularity.

“I refuse to believe this!!” The mind-numbing sensation of fear repeatedly ebbed at his hard-won courage, so much so that he could not take it any longer. Thus, he abruptly turned back and looked behind him.

There was nothing.

He heaved a long sigh of relief. Then, just as he was about to turn back, he suddenly paused again.

This time, he heard the sound of ping pong balls.

And then, he recalled something.

The dean of Gonjiam Asylum that had vanished… was said to have loved playing ping pong when he was alive…

Anyone who had heard the sound of ping pong balls in Gonjiam Asylum would have seen the entrance to the non-existent Room 402, an intensive care unit, which no one has been able to open before. Furthermore, they would be able to open the door to the room…

Nobody knew what lay within, nor did anybody desire to know what lay within. That said, the significance of the sound of ping pong balls was a ubiquitous tale that had been passed down from generation to generation.

“Haaa…” Just then, an icy wind filled with the mournful howl of ghosts carried a bizarre murmur with it. At once, a dense fog of Yin energy began to spread from behind, diffusing throughout the entire corridor around him!

It was almost as though the bolted iron door hid the way into the morrowind underworld!


The sound of clanging iron caused an electrifying sensation so surge through his mind. At once, he drew another deep breath and turned back to the iron door.

Just then, the lights in the corridor began to flicker wildly! Bzzt… bzzt… Quicker and quicker, it flickered incredibly rapidly until suddenly, all of the lights in the corridor changed to a striking crimson colour!

“Gulp…” Wang Chenghao gulped nervously. As far as he could tell, the bolt on the iron door had fallen off, revealing three numbers in striking red lettering - ‘402’.

Creeaaakk… Then, with a horrifying creak, the iron door opened. Yes, it was none other than the door that was known to be locked tightly from within, and the door that was known to hide the plethora of horrors that make Gonjiam Asylum one of the top seven sites for paranormal activity!

“Is that you…?” A hoarse voice spoke from behind the door. With a soft gulp, Wang Chenghao took a step back.

It was a man’s voice.

“Is that you? Have you finally arrived?” The man’s voice appeared more eager than ever, “Come… come over here… You and I are supposed to be one body… Come to me!!!”

The man was practically screaming towards the end, causing the corridor to tremble softly. Then, as though sensing something, the MV Sewol suddenly accelerated once more.

Creeaaaaakk… The iron door opened wider and wider. Meanwhile, Wang Chenghao stopped retreating altogether.

He could see that Room 402 was an incomparably dark and eerie space lit only by candles. Furthermore… he could see a pure white sarcophagus hidden in the heart of the room.

At once, countless thoughts flowed through his mind, and everything slowly began to fit into place to form a coherent story.

The man’s earlier question had been directed at the MV Sewol.

So had his earlier statements.

This was the sarcophagus of Choi Tae-min, the root of all chaos and evil in Daehan in recent times!

I’ve found it… Wang Chenghao’s jaws dropped as he took several more steps back reflexively. Even then, he continued to stare intently at the darkness on the other side of the door - I’ve found it… I’ve actually found this place! All I need to do now is to drive the MV Sewol in, and then forcibly drag it out of the Yin Yang Mezzanine, and… my job would be complete!

He subconsciously turned to share his joy with Oda Nobutada, only to discover that nobody was standing beside him.

He paused for a moment, and then chuckled bitterly.

That’s right… I’m the only one left…

Everyone has a fixed role, and everyone is clearly doing their best. And now… it’s finally time for me to step up…

He was alone at Gonjiam Asylum, one of the top seven paranormal locations in the world. He was standing alone in front of the non-existent Room 402, listening to the sound of ping pong balls echo throughout the corridor. Anyone would be terrified by the uncertainty that awaits him. Anyone would easily crumble with fear and find themselves completely lost. But strangely enough, he discovered that he wasn’t paralyzed with fear.

Instead, he was filled with a deep sense of responsibility. He was filled with the notion that he must never let the rest down, and it was this sense of responsibility that filled him with a peculiar sense of feverish passion!

I’ll charge in there and end everything by my own hands!

He didn’t say another word. At once, thick Yin energy shrouded around his entire body, and a behemoth appeared.

The lower half of his body appeared like that of a horse, except that there was an additional pair of legs from which twisted barbs grew out of. On the other hand, the upper half of his body appeared no different from that of the mythical creature, Xingtian. [1] A terrifying human face appeared on his chest and abdomen, while ghastly netherflames erupted from his lips from time to time. As soon as he revealed his true form, the surrounding patients immediately screamed at the top of their voices and retreated into the corners of the corridor.

“So… you guys know fear too, huh…” The face on his chest and abdomen revealed a strange smile. And then, with a deep breath, he charged straight into Room 402!


Who cares what I might be?

As expected… Yelling valiantly fills my body with an indescribable rush.

Thunk, thunk, thunk! The entire corridor trembled under the weight of the behemoth. The sarcophagus grew silent for a moment, before the man within hissed coldly, “Kill him!”

With his command, a pitch-black head suddenly emerged from behind the doors.

The head’s features were all obscured by his disheveled hair, revealing only a single scarlet eye that peeked out from within!

It was filled with resentment and abhorrence. Even a single glimpse at this image was sufficient to give anyone nightmares for days on end.

SSS!!! Faced with Wang Chenghao’s unrelenting charge, the Yin spirit abruptly opened its mouth to half a meter in size and unleashed a heart-rending scream. At once, countless pitch-black hands emerged from behind the door and began to grab desperately at Wang Chenghao like a raging wave!

Evil ghost vs evil ghost!

“DIEEE!!!!” It was only by yelling at the top of his voice that Wang Chenghao could ease the fear in his heart. Thus, he shouted in a maddened frenzy as he charged forward at top speed. Like a hurtling meteor, he left a trail of netherflames in the wake of his charge of destruction. Meanwhile, pieces of armor appeared out of nowhere and adhered themselves to his body. Finally, a spear immolating with green netherflames materialized from the air, and Wang Chenghao wielded it valiantly like a war hero.

Mustering every bit of strength in his body, Wang One Tail leapt into the air and thrusted his spear down mightily against the tide of pitch-black ghostly hands that was blocking the iron gate that led into Room 402!

He absolutely had to cut down all obstruction before the MV Sewol could arrive at the iron door itself!

This was the greatest moment of valor.


Back in the mortal realm. “Haa--...” The black sphere formed out of Yin energy slowly dissipated as Liu Yu withdrew his abilities.

He had felt sufficiently vented, and he waved his hands as though nothing happened, “Is everything alright down under?”

“We’d better move quickly.” Rumyantsev gave Liu Yu an added measure of respect as he responded coldly, “The Gwisin is dead, and they’ve already arrived at the substratum of the Gonjiam Asylum… Damn it! What the hell are these Emissaries of Hell trying to do?!!”

As they spoke, Rumyantsev promptly transformed into a stream of nethergale and prepared to rush right into the vortex.

But, just then…

Rumyantsev and Liu Yu paused and turned back in astonishment. A dazzling golden light shone radiantly, transforming into an indomitable arrow that flew straight towards the vortex!

BOOM!!! The golden arrow exploded as soon as it struck the vortex, generating a powerful shockwave that forcefully pushed both Rumyantsev and Liu Yu further back. Liu Yu glanced at the source of the golden arrow in horror, “How is this possible…”

“How can you still be alive after being struck by my Dark Soul Inferno?!”

1. He uses his nipples as eyes and belly button as a mouth. 

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