Chapter 548: Third Chapter of the Miracle (1)

Whoosh… There was a stir throughout Hanyang City.

All wandering spirits roaming the lands knelt down with trembling at once. The descent of Yin energy belonging to one of the four major underworlds of the world bore down on them like a majestic force. At once, the entire city transformed into hell on earth.

Meanwhile, countless mortal experts who possessed the Yin-Yang eyes shuddered violently and shrank back behind the altars in their churches and cathedrals with intense fear. The mournful chorus of ghastly wails resounded throughout 600 square kilometers of land. Even their religious sculptures and stained glass windows rattled as though they were experiencing a minor earthquake.

It was the arrival of an Abyssal Prefect.

Qin Ye could tell at once the cultivation of the mysterious entity that had just joined the fray. At once, his mind was filled with a series of thoughts.

He clearly knows that I’m from one of the four major underworlds. Yet the fact that he dares not reveal his true identity tells me that his backing clearly isn’t on equal footing as mine. Otherwise… he would never retreat from a fight like this. [1]

The attack on me is just a farce. His true intention is clearly to rescue Ahn Somi. After all, that seemingly grand attack of his is so diffuse and sparse that it doesn’t contain the density of Yin energy required to threaten my existence. Rather, it’s clear that he’s doing all this in order to channel his Yin energy towards Ahn Somi in preparation to draw her back and rescue her from certain death.

The tsunami of Yin energy buffeted Qin Ye, sending his clothes and hair scattering about wildly. Even then, Qin Ye held his ground and responded placidly, “It’s rare to see Abyssal Prefects around. No matter how you look at it, Daehan still belongs to Hell. It doesn’t matter how bold the Russian Underworld has become, because you’d still never dare to overtly seize control of Daehan from under our noses. So… I’m pretty sure that an Abyssal Prefect is already going to be the strongest Russian Emissary I’m going to encounter here in Daehan…”

“But to think you’d actually personally show up just for Ahn Somi. Is a mere Hellguard-class Yin spirit really worthy of the protection of an Abyssal Prefect? What secrets does she hide? Why would you treat her with such importance that you’d expose yourself to one of the four major underworlds just to rescue her? You know, the more you feel like rescuing her… the more I’d like to know what’s written in the script of your so-called god of death…”

Ahn Somi heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she felt herself being enveloped completely by the Yin energy of the Abyssal Prefect.

An Abyssal Prefect is practically a god-like existence. Fortunately, our enemy this time is merely an Infernal Judge. He wouldn’t be able to--... Hang on… W-what’s going on?!

Just then, she suddenly jerked her head back with a gasp of horror as she glanced back down with great disbelief.

The massive cloud of Yin energy arising out of the Abyssal Prefect’s earlier strike had transformed into a funnel of energy. Meanwhile, another Yin spirit wearing ancient Cathayan armor had opened up his mouth at the end of the funnel, devouring the Yin energy from the Abyssal Prefect like a tiny black hole!

In fact, it wasn’t just the Yin energy!

Ahn Somi was horrified to discover that the black hole contained such great suction force that even she was frantically being sucked into its mouth!

Voyage of a Hundred Ghosts - Spatial Spirit.

“Sigh…” The Abyssal Prefect sighed.

He knew full well that he didn’t dare kill an Emissary of Hell. He couldn’t afford to be the trigger of a diplomatic incident that pitted Hell, one of the four major underworlds, against the Russian Underworld! The existence of Hell was like an indomitable force that towered over their hearts and minds, so much so that even an Abyssal Prefect didn’t dare to reveal his true identity in the face of a bold Infernal Judge!

It was precisely because the Abyssal Prefect’s earlier strike had a far stronger bark than its bite that Qin Ye decided to lap it all up with his spatial spirit. To think that this Infernal Judge was able to discern our relative positions in just the spur of the moment… Is this the might of one of the top underworlds of the netherworld?

The Abyssal Prefect felt as though he were riding on the back of a tiger.

Ahn Somi was only an Anitya Hellguard. There was no way she could escape from the mighty suction force of one of the most powerful special Yin spirits known to the netherworld. If the Abyssal Prefect were to rescue her, he would have no choice but to take the fight directly to Qin Ye. That said, the longer time dragged on, the more likely his identity would be exposed to the Infernal Judge!

He was caught between a rock and a hard place. However, he soon made his decision.

Just then, the cries of innumerable ghosts suddenly erupted from all around Ahn Somi. She was ostensibly being dragged back from mid-air when she gasped in horror and glanced around, only to realize that the Yin energy that had earlier enveloped her had already transformed into countless grievous spirits that were screaming, hissing and madly pouncing at her body, as though they were desperately trying to tear her to shreds!

“Ahhhh!!!” A mournful scream cut through the tense silence of the night. Ahn Somi turned to stare at the sky with great disbelief, “My Lord… Please! No… NO!!! Save me! Save me!!!”

No response.

A second later, the cloud of Yin energy that was wrapped around Ahn Somi contracted slightly, transforming into a cage that trapped her within. Numerous grievous spirits continued to soar through the air and burrow in and out of the cage that restrained her. But just at that moment, a magnificent golden light suddenly erupted from the campus grounds of Saint Virtue High School.

“What’s that…” The evil ghosts in the cloud of Yin energy shrieked in fear, while two scarlet eyes abruptly lit up from the cloud and stared straight in Qin Ye’s direction

There was now a half-meter long brush hovering on the palm of Qin Ye’s hand.

It was golden in colour, with exquisite patterns carved in gold. A golden spirit could be seen screaming and pulsing from within. The ink at the tip of the brush was also gold in colour. It looked flashy, bright and royal. All it took was one look for the Abyssal Prefect hidden in the cloud of Yin energy to shriek at the top of his voice and recoil in horror.


Its voice was filled with fear. A split second later, it transformed back into a stream of nethergale and whisked away all of its remaining Yin energy in the vicinity, together with the multitude of grievous spirits that were earlier plaguing Ahn Somi. All it took was three seconds before the skies above Saint Virtue High School cleared up once more, leaving Ahn Somi all alone.

It was like a calamitous cloud chucking down torrential rain had just vanished without a trace, just as abruptly as it had first appeared.

“Woah. That good?” Qin Ye stared at the brush in his hand with astonishment as he playfully drew in the air, “Tsk, tsk, tsk… What kind of evil things have Brother Xu done abroad to cause an Abyssal Prefect to discard everything on hand and retreat at once? To think he couldn’t even be bothered about the clues pertaining to the script of the nameless god of death!”

“Speaking of which, I’m starting to get used to the habit of overwhelming counter-attacks like these! I haven’t even begun to get warmed-up just yet!”

In that instant, Qin Ye got the feeling that this trip to Daehan might possibly go much smoother than he thought, particularly when he had Fate to rely on. He reveled in his joy for several moments more, and then finally turned to Ahn Somi.

Only half of her spirit body remained. The Abyssal Prefect’s attack hadn’t lasted for more than two seconds in total, and yet she’d already been substantially devoured.

Fortunately, she was still alive.

That, alone, was enough.

Woooooo!! Just then, a series of sirens blared from right outside Saint Virtue High School. Qin Ye curled his finger, and his spatial spirit swallowed Ahn Somi in one bite. Then, they both vanished without a trace.


Pain. There’s pain everywhere.

Ahn Somi opened her eyes, only to realize that she was sitting right on top of a chair.

She couldn’t tell whose home this was, but she could tell it was adorned with luxurious Cathayan elements and decors. SHe gritted her teeth and examined her surroundings, fighting through the pain of having her body devoured by a group of grievous ghosts. Moments later, when her gaze fell on the sofa in the room, she paused. And then, she shuddered wildly.

There was a man whose entire being was wrapped up in Yin energy seated on the sofa.

The distinct aura of an Infernal Judge was pouring out from his body. Meanwhile, an Anitya Hellguard and a Soul Hunter sat right beside the Infernal Judge. All three were staring right at her.

It was none other than the Emissary of Hell who had captured her!

Her lips trembled. Did I… end up getting captured by him after all? In that instant, she knew full well that her chances of survival were slim to none.

“What do you want to know…” She muttered hoarsely, “I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Oh?” Qin Ye gently swirled the tea in his teacup. He was pleasantly surprised to discover Lee Jung-sook’s abode stocked up with good tea.

“Had you known this was going to be the outcome, I’m sure you wouldn’t have struggled from the onset.”

Ahn Somi smiled bitterly.

Even in death, ghosts desired life.

“All I ask is that you allow me a quick and painless death…” She suppressed the intense pain surging from her spiritual body as she continued hoarsely, “There no longer any place for me in Daehan. The fact that I was captured by you will be known to everyone, and even if you decide to let me off, nobody would ever trust me again…”


Qin Ye’s eyes flickered softly. He was deliberating how he should go about with his interrogations.

Where are the dossiers pertaining to the living dead incident hidden in Daehan? What were the contents of the mission you were given? Why were you in contact with Lee Jung-sook?

Three questions that pointed to three different objectives.

The first would disclose the foothold of the Russian Orthodox Hell in Daehan. The second would give him a better insight on the truth of the nameless god of death’s script. The third would point him towards Lee Jung-sook’s whereabouts.

After pondering for some time, Qin Ye finally got down to business, “Are you a Daeian Yin spirit?”


“And you’re doing business for the Russian Eastern Orthodox Underworld?”

“Yes…” Then, without further prompting, Ahn Somi went on, “Even though I might not be much where you come from, in Daehan, I can be considered quite a powerful Yin spirit in my own right. Here, there are no more than just over a dozen Hellguards in total…”

How shabby… Qin Ye raised an eyebrow quizzically as he continued to listen intently.

“We all know that the de facto boss here in the Hanyang Underworld is none other than one of the feudal officials of your country. Since we’re the only ones Liu Yu has, we’ve also had the opportunity to be part of some of the interstate dealings.”

“In the beginning, we were wholeheartedly devoted to Liu Yu. He’s powerful… terrifyingly powerful. But, as you know, there’s never been a break in communications and interactions between nations.” She bit down on her lower lips, and then suddenly quipped, “My Lord… is it possible to relieve some of the pain I’m experiencing right now? It’s… distracting me from my train of thoughts…”

Qin Ye snapped his finger, and at once, a small cloud of his own Yin energy blanketed her, nourishing her spiritual body slightly.

Ahn Somi’s eyes flickered, and she heaved a long sigh of relief as she went on, “Furthermore, one of the most prevalent religions in Daehan has always been Catholicism. Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church both hail from the same lineage. Thus, since time immemorial, Daehan has always seen a number of Russian Yin spirits among its numbers.”

Qin Ye listened thoughtfully.

This was a little tango between nations. In future, when Hell finally opens its gates on the international platform, it will likewise see an influx of Yin spirits of other religions or allegiances. This was a situation that he would eventually have to come to terms with.

Ahn Somi took small breaths and gulped nervously as she lowered her voice to a whisper, “15 years ago… A Yin spirit of the Eastern Orthodox Underworld approached me...”

The room was silent. Qin Ye knew that she was getting to the climax of her story.

“He came with an offer that I couldn’t refuse. He told me that if I could do something for him, then… he would help me step into the ranks of Marquis!”

Qin Ye raised his hand with a question, “Marquis?”

“That’s right…” Ahn Somi went on, “Their cultivation system is based on the chivalric ranks, but it largely corresponds to the system that Hell uses. An Infernal Judge would correspond to a Marquis, while an Abyssal Prefect… would be a Duke.”

That certainly gives it a local flair… Qin Ye nodded, “So who was the one who made you this offer? And what were you required to do?”

Ahn Somi responded, “In order to gain my trust, the Yin spirit of the Eastern Orthodox Underworld told me his name. Incidentally, he… was the very same person that you’d encountered earlier.”

“Pyotr Alexandrovich Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky, nicknamed the Lord of the Danube. He’s one of the ten marshals of the Russian Underworld, and also the director of this mission! Consul General! One of the special Russian envoys to Daehan!”

It’s actually him!

Qin Ye paused for a moment, and then shook his head with great emotion.

This was a name that had truly gone down in history!

How did the dispute between modern day Rus and Turquia [2] come about?

It was all because of this man!

1. By the way, for those who have forgotten, the four major underworlds are those with ‘nuclear’ powers, which are Hell, the Argosian underworld, the Hindustani underworld, and the Aegyptian underworld.

2. Turkey.

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