Chapter 546: Saint Virtue High School (2)

Qin Ye was in a cab when he suddenly raised his head and murmured to himself, “She’s eating something.”

He’d already discovered that she was located somewhere in Saint Virtue High School. Unfortunately, the school was situated on a large plot of land, and that made it more difficult to pinpoint her exact location.

That said, so long as she was tainted with the blood of a human being, its stench would linger on for the next half a day, and there was no way she could elude him thereafter.

The spirit pen whispered directly to Qin Ye, “There’s no way she would go out on a rampage and massacre numerous humans in the vicinity. Liu Yu would never let it rest if she went on to kill indiscriminately in the mortal realm. Conversely, it would only be expected if she kept the kill count low. After all, death is but an inevitability if one were to condone the existence of evil ghosts in the mortal realm. You… aren’t thinking of rushing to the scene of the crime to rescue him right away, are you?”

Qin Ye shook his head.

Why did he choose to wait until the demonic hour before searching out Ahn Somi?

Simple. It was because Yin energy was stronger after the demonic hour, and there was a higher likelihood that the Yin spirit protecting Ahn Somi would make a move once more.

A single lead wasn’t quite enough to go on… I mean… I’ve even resorted to cross-dressing, and it’s only turned up a single lead?!

No… I’ll keep a close eye on the evil ghost searching out Ahn Somi. I believe that’s the existence that will lead me directly to more information about the Russian Underworld. This person is the key to far more leads than Ahn Somi can provide!

For all we know, I might just be able to put together the entire contents of Tsar Arturo’s script after these investigations!

“She wouldn’t dare massacre all who are around… The LSD here might not be as strong as the Special Investigations Department, but they’re still no trifling force.” Qin Ye leaned back lazily into his seat, “All we have to do is to capture her.”

He closed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, “If she tells us the truth, I might just be able to spare her life. That said, it’ll only be after I leave Daehan once and for all.”


“Huh? Where’s Seongho hyung?” It was 6.30 p.m., and most of the students were already back from dinner. Their session of self-study was commencing in just half an hour. Yet, Seongho was nowhere to be found.

“No idea.” Ahn Somi was playing with her phone on the table, and there was a smudge of red on her lips, “Is he skipping out for his games?”

“Playing truant again?” Another girl chuckled, “Somi, Seongho hyung clearly likes you. Why would he go out on a frolic on his own without bringing you along?”

Ahn Somi smiled softly and rubbed her stomach, “I’m... the one taking him around right now.”

“Speaking of which, Somi, you look to be in far better spirits than before, huh?” The girl marched over and leaned in to take a closer look at Somi’s face, “What happened?”

Ahn Somi smiled and pushed her face away, “I feel better after eating something. Don’t come so close. Is there something on my face?”

“You know, there actually is.” The girl pursed her lips and wiped the trace of red off the corner of Somi’s lips.

Dead silence.

In that instant, everything was shrouded in a moment of tense silence.

The girl was still smiling brightly, but it soon diminished and faded away because she soon discovered Ahn Somi staring intently at her.

An inexplicable chill surged through her heart, and the girl shuddered uncontrollably. Her breaths suddenly grew quicker and more shallow, while her heart thumped quicker. For a moment there, she couldn’t help but feel as though she were staring straight into the eyes of a vicious beast.

“S-s-s-somi unnie…” Her voice turned drifty, and her lips turned pale, “It’s j-j-j-just a little bit of sauce, isn’t it? W-w-what’s the matter…?”

Three seconds later, Ahn Somi smiled faintly and hung her head low, “Ah, I see… That’s right, it’s probably just some sauce. Thanks, Bomi noona.”

Bomi suddenly found herself completely lost for words. It felt almost as though she’d just returned from the precipice of death. Thus, as soon as she heard the words of release, she immediately nodded her head and found a seat elsewhere.

Truth be told, they were supposed to be seated together for the evening self-study session, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to return to her designated seat before the session began proper.

“Bomi?” The three girls who were just playing games on their phones noticed Bomi joining them, and they promptly welcomed her with a soft smile, “What’s the matter? Have you finally decided to join our SSS Sky Group? Don’t you usually prefer to hang around Somi unnie instead?”

Somi… Bomi gulped nervously and shook her head, almost as though she were trying to shake off the feeling of discomfort that swamped her heart and mind earlier. Then, she forcibly plastered a smile on her face and responded, “What’s up? Am I not welcome here? I just felt like it today. Songchae, would you like to change seats with me?”

Songchae, a round-faced girl, beamed back as she rejected Bomi’s request, “No way! We’ve already decided on our seating arrangements.”

Bomi perked up her spirits and tugged Songchae’s hands, “C’mon, Songchae noona, just this once, please~?”

“Tsk…” Songchae pouted, and proceeded to pack up her things, “Tomorrow, you’re buying me a cup of DOO milk tea from the stall right in front of our school. I want a matcha flavoured one with milk froth.”

“Certainly…” Bomi finally heaved a sigh of relief as she watched Songchae walk over to the other table.

Run… You’ve got to get away from her!

These were the thoughts in Bomi’s heart earlier.

Bomi pursed her lips for some moments, before calling out to Songchae again, “Songchae noona.”

“Hmm?” Songchae sucked on the lollipop in her lips as she turned back.

“About that…” Bomi was just about to go on when she abruptly capitulated, “Oh, it’s nothing… Have fun over there…”

“Weirdo.” Songchae rolled her eyes and finally took her seat.

“By the way, Songchae noona.” Bomi finally took a deep breath and went on boldly, “You… should avoid touching her tonight.”

“She’s not feeling well. And… there’s something not quite right about her tonight…”

Songchae waved her hand dismissively as she glanced at Ahn Somi, who was seated just beside her.

Somi propped up her head with her hands and smiled radiantly back.

Credit where it was due, Somi was truly beautiful. She was the indisputable wallflower of the class.

“You seem fine to me.” Songchae nudged Somi with her elbow, “Hey, do you think Bomi’s a little bit strange today?”

“Perhaps.” Ahn Somi smiled faintly as she rested her head on the desk once more.

Ding… Just then, the school bell marking the start of their self-study session rang, and everyone began to bow over their desk. Some would read their textbooks, some would chat discreetly with each other, while some would use their cell phones under their tables. There were even some who would from time to time reach beneath their desk and pop snacks into their mouths.

Ten minutes later, Songchae looked up and whispered to Ahn Somi with some measure of consternation, “What’s that smell? Do you smell it?”

“No.” Ahn Somi continued staring blankly at her textbook that had remained untouched since the start of the session.

Songchae lowered her head in confusion. Then, after a short while, she jerked her head up and whispered again, “That can’t be! I can smell it! Somi, it seems to be coming from somewhere around you!”

“I don’t think so.” Ahn Somi’s head was still bowed low. She pulled something out from underneath her desk and began chewing on it.

“Hey, what are you eating? C’mon, sharing is caring.”

Ahn Somi finally turned around and stared at Songchae. After a long time, she finally smiled, “You… might not be used to this.”

As soon as their eyes met, Songchae suddenly gasped and collapsed to the ground~


Everyone looked over, and Songchae promptly clambered back up to her feet, “I’m alright…”

How odd…

She’s obviously Ahn Somi, but… something feels a little bit strange about her!

It’s almost as though… she’s a monster wearing the skin of a human being!

Then, just as Songchae was about to pick up her chair once more when the lights suddenly fizzled and snapped out!

“What’s going on?!” “Awesome! Everyone! It’s time to pack up and go home!” “Shh!”

Screams of joy and whistles of cheer were heard throughout the dark classroom. Meanwhile, Ahn Somi slowly lifted her head and looked out of the open window in disbelief.

She could see a shroud of darkness that was invisible to mere mortals slowly diffusing over and spreading quickly along the path into the school.


Absolute silence.

Oppressive silence, just like the kind that would fill the empty morgue in the middle of the night.

At once, goosebumps crept all over Somi’s skin, and her heart thumped wildly, because she was certain of something - He’s coming… He’s coming!!

Whoosh… A split second later, a figure drifted out from the corner at the entrance to the school. She couldn’t see the appearances of the figure clearly as he was wrapped up tightly with his robes. The Yin energy billowing from his body was of far higher quality than hers, and she couldn’t peer through the dense cloud of Yin energy. Even then, she could tell that his feet were hovering slightly above the ground as he drifted through the air!

“Oooooo…” “Don’t… take me away…” “It hurts… I don’t want to die…”

Endless cries filled the air like a tidal wave of sound. The wandering spirits that were drifting about the campus grounds were reduced to nothing but ashes as soon as they touched the Yin energy of the mysterious figure that had just arrived. Most of all, she could tell that the mysterious entity was only two hundred meters away from the classroom!

He’s here…

He’s here!

He’s actually here!

How could he be so quick?! How did he find me? H-has he no regard for the caution issued to him by the Russian Underworld?!

Ahn Somi desperately shrunk back into her seat. Her entire body was trembling as she watched the movement of the mysterious figure helplessly.

First classroom. The man lifted his hand gently.

Whooooosh!!! A ferocious nethergale tore through the room, as countless Yin spirits poured out of the man’s sleeves. It didn’t take more than two minutes for the man to complete his search of the classroom.

Then, he turned to the second classroom.

He’s searching for me!

Ahn Somi’s entire body trembled violently. Unprecedented fear completely engulfed her heart.

It felt stifling and suffocating, almost as though she were being submerged into freezing seawaters.

There was no doubt about it.

It was a powerful Yin spirit who was here to reap her soul!

How is this possible?!

Meanwhile, a man seated in the teacher’s office raised his head abruptly and gasped in shock.

“A high-ranking emissary?! And an extraterritorial emissary at that?!”

“His target is Ahn Somi!!”

He stood up abruptly and motioned to head out. But as soon as he placed his hand on the doorknob, he paused.

He didn’t dare…

The overwhelming pressure bearing down on his body made it feel as though he were trapped in an icy cellar. The mysterious man was clearly an Infernal Judge, just like him, yet… he could tell that the man was definitely more powerful than himself!

“This is… someone from one of the top four underworlds in the netherworld!!” He screamed and transformed into a nethergale, retreating straight into the cracks and crevices of his chair.

“An emissary of the top four underworlds is here to reap souls?! Why… why would they come searching for Ahn Somi?! Did the seance last night fail? Was that why they came knocking on our doors? And… and here in Daehan to boot?!”

“Run… Ahn Somi… Run!! We cannot afford to let that man discover the secrets that we carry with us!!”

Unfortunately, Ahn Somi couldn’t hear a single word the ‘teacher’ was saying. Her entire body was trembling so much that she couldn’t even move her legs.

The temperature of the vicinity fell rapidly with the arrival of the mysterious man. The students were rowdy and noisy amidst the intense darkness, yet none of them were aware that a god of death was just passing by right outside their classroom.

Pak, pak, pak, pak!!! The windows and doors would all slam shut wherever the man went. Somi glanced around desperately as she clenched her fists tightly. This was the first time she had felt such intense fear ever since becoming an evil ghost herself.

It was the kind of fear that caused even the soul of a ghost to seize up completely.

“Somi… Somi?” Songchae stared at her, “What’s happening to you?”

Somi remained silent. The excessive fear surging in her heart caused her to be oblivious to the things spoken by Songchae. There was only one thing on her mind right now.

What do I do?!

How do I get out of here?!

I’m still weak from what happened last night… That’s right…

She glanced around the classroom with bloodshot eyes.

There’s a good amount of blood food in front of me right now… As long as I consume everything… I might just have a shot at escape, wouldn’t I?

There are still three classrooms to search through before he arrives at this place. That gives me six minutes. That’s more than enough time! I’ll be able to devour everything in this classroom in less than three minutes!

“Somi?” In her bewilderment, Songchae reached out and placed her hand over Somi’s forehead, “What’s the matter, Somi? Are you still worried about Seongho hyung? You…”

A split second later, she paused.

“S-s-s-somi--...” Songchae covered her lips as her entire body shuddered violently. Others might not have noticed anything amiss in the dark, but she saw everything clearly!

As she removed her hand from Somi’s forehead earlier, she had inadvertently brushed her hand against Somi’s eyes. Yet, what would otherwise have been a simple, harmless motion, had somehow caused Somi’s eyes to shift onto her forehead!

It was almost as though her facial features were all floating on water! Everything was completely misaligned!

She’s… not human!

“You asked earlier… what I was eating, didn’t you?” Somi heard Songchae calling out to her, and she slowly turned to Songchae with a faint smile on her face, “Well, let me share it with you.”

She reached her hand into her desk, and then… pulled out a human hand that she’d earlier been gnawing on. All five fingers had already been chewed off. She smiled faintly, “This… is Seongho hyung.”

“He’s delicious. Would you… like some?”

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