Chapter 431: The Definitive War (3)

Zhao Seven couldn’t hear anything apart from the firing mechanisms of the ballistae that were sending spears hurtling through the air.

If he had a heart, it would most certainly have skipped a beat. He could even sense all of his muscles tense up in this very moment. His mouth was wide agape, and his eyelids twitched uncontrollably. Then, a split second later, he dashed right out of formation.

It was an involuntary response. It had nothing to do with love, but was rather borne out of respect and reverence. It was an almost intuitive response that yelled out from within, telling him that he couldn’t allow her to die in this place.

Both factions were locked in an intense clash of power. Hell’s forces were clearly advancing despite the rain of arrows, while the other continuously launched volley after volley of arrows that slowly but surely penetrated the defences of the other. Every moment that passed saw Yin spirits turn to netherflames that quickly dissipated into the surroundings. Practically every single Qufu soldier was staring transfixed at Mu Guiying, whose crow wings were spread so far and wide that they practically blotted out the sky above. Naturally, not a single one of the Qufu soldiers noticed the ferocious attacks pouring out towards them from the Mechanical Beasts from afar.

Just then, a ghastly shadow rushed up the back of the Nine-Eyed Siegebeast and leapt high up into the air, arriving right in front of where Mu Guiying was located.

Mu Guiying was momentarily taken aback.

So were all of the Yin soldiers, whether from Qufu or from Hell.

A split second later--...

It was almost as if the cogs of time suddenly began to move again. With a muffled sound, a four-meter long spear plunged straight through Zhao Seven’s body!



He was instantly pinned straight into the ground by the massive spear, and his soulfire trembled violently. He tried desperately to remove the spear from his chest, but to no avail.

All eyes were instantly drawn to Zhao Seven and the long groove in the ground that the impact had caused. And then… Zhao Seven was surprisingly lifted straight off the ground by the spear itself. From afar, it appeared almost as though he were pinned directly onto the air above the ground.

Mu Guiying turned to where the spear came from, only to discover to her horror that there were countless similar spears pelting down towards them like a torrential downpour!

Without any regard for friend or foe.

“Raise your defenses!!” She yelled with all her might. Unfortunately, it was all too late.

None of them had the luxury of time to make preparations at all.

It was Hell’s desire to take down Qufu at all cost, but little did they realize that Qufu also wished to defend its city at all costs. The rain of spears was going to leave few Yin spirits on the western city walls alive. It wasn’t that bad for stronger Yin spirits, because while the long spears might seriously wound them, they still wouldn’t perish immediately. But the rest of the Yin soldiers… would definitely be slaughtered!

Whoosh! Needless to say, Hell’s forces immediately raised their giant shields and turtled up as tightly as they could. On the other hand, it was only now that the Qufu Yin soldiers turned back with great disbelief, only to realize the incomparably quick approach of the rain of spears.

A split second later.

Pshk! Pshk! Pshk! The crunching sound of spears plunging straight through armors instantly rang out. There were tens of thousands of Yin soldiers facing off against each other on the city walls right now, and almost every spear that had been fired hit a target squarely through its chest! In an instant, the entire place was transformed from a deadlock between forces to a ghastly inferno of Yin energy and netherflames.

“How could this be…” One of the Qufu Hellguards dressed in modern work overalls with only half a head remaining desperately fought off the rain of spears that continued to pour down from the skies. Between his attacks, he glanced at the Mechanical Beast with bloodshot eyes and gnashed his teeth with great fury, “Li Linfu… You are ruthless!!”

Clang! Clang! Clang! The Hellguard managed to repel all of the long spears, but he couldn’t do any more than to take care of his own defenses.

The other spears that were raining down on them plunged straight into the city walls, penetrating the ground by at least half a meter! A multitude of Yin soldiers were helplessly skewered on the field of spears. Within moments, it became impossible to distinguish which side each of these skewered soldiers were from. Many of them also quickly exploded into a cloud of Yin energy without even being given the chance to scream out in pain and anguish.

Death was certain to all who were Operative-class Yin spirits or weaker than that.

Hunter-class Yin spirits would end up seriously injured.

Only Hellguards were able to avoid or repel the attacks, but even then, they could only take care of themselves.

Shk! Shk! Shk! Mu Guiying continued to avoid the spears that were narrowly grazing her. That said, she didn’t bother even glancing at Zhao Seven. After all, she knew full well that this was hardly the time to be developing feelings for anyone.

Instead, her eyes were simply trained on the Mechanical Beast in the distance. She could clearly remember that the Mechanical Beast was still armed with a Karmic Fire Cannon!

If they managed to activate something as powerful as that, then the only thing that awaited them was permanent death itself!

Furthermore… she could see a faint red light emanating from the mouth of the Mechanical Beast.

Looks like Qufu’s forces are bent on turning the western walls into a great wall of flames… She gritted her teeth and made a decision that could only be described as heroic.

A split second later, and with a great battle cry, she flapped her wings and rushed straight towards the Mechanical Beast!

She appeared incredibly small compared to the hulking Mechanical Beast that stood as tall as the heavens. But even then, her actions were striking.

“Is she--...” Back in the Mechanical Beast, Li Linfu found himself completely stunned to see a figure rushing headlong through the rain of spears. His lips trembled, “She’s mad… that woman is mad!! She’s gone crazy!! Shoot her down!!”

“My lord… We’ve already fired everything…” One of the Yin spirits reported back with a tremor in his voice, “The reloading time is another twenty minutes…”

“Damn it!!” Li Linfu gnashed his teeth and slammed his fist down against the table.

He couldn’t quite understand it.

How could there be such crazy Yin spirits?

Having already died once, wouldn’t Yin spirits know all the more how important it is to cherish life?

“Even then… you’re just a mere Yin spirit. Sure, you might be a Hellguard, but you dare break into the Mechanical Beast all on your own?!” He jerked his body forward so abruptly that his dried skin even began to show signs of cracking like dry tree bark. The netherflames in his eyes had completely gone out by now, only to be replaced by two faint red glows like glowing embers in the dark. He hissed and roared at the top of his voice, “Kill her… where are the guards?! Whoever takes her down shall be greatly rewarded!!”

Annals of the New Hell: Year 001 of the New Hell. During the definitive war against Qufu, Yang Jiye’s daughter-in-law, Mu Guiying, heroically broke into the heart of the Mechanical Beast, Ugly Bull.

Li Linfu didn’t need to say anymore.

Because even Qufu’s Yin soldiers could all see for themselves what she was about to do. Notwithstanding the remaining rain of spears that were still pelting down onto them, several lesser commanders exclaimed in shock and yelled with all their might, “Kill her! Protect the Mechanical Beast no matter the cost!! Hurry!!”

Within seconds, countless Yin soldiers promptly raised their bows and arrows into the air and aimed their projectiles at the fleeting figure.

Mu Guiying hadn’t even gone several hundred meters when ten other Qufu Hellguards stepped out from the entrance of the Mechanical Beast with a cold sneer, “You’re courting death!!” “What gall!!” “What do you take us for, huh?”

In an instant, they transformed into a gust of nethergale and swooped forward to stop Mu Guiying in her approach. Mu Guiying was caught between a rock and a hard place, with Hellguards before her, and enemy forces behind. Yet, she… didn’t even look back!

She promptly made a series of hand seals, mustering every bit of Yin energy in her body that erupted all at once!

Incidentally, the netherflames in her eyes were rapidly fading.

Closer and closer. The rush of the nethergale screamed in her ear, while the Hellguards approaching her surged towards her like a rushing river filled with the moans and groans of countless Yin spirits. Netherflames abounded like constellations in the sky, while Yin energy flourished like the base of a waterfall. And it was right at that time that Mu Guiying suddenly paused.

Countless arrows plunged straight into her back.

“Die!!!” Simultaneously, one of the Hellguards rushed right in front of her. He was wearing a short coat that had burst at the abdomen to reveal a massive mouth that ran right up to his chest. A scarlet tongue immediately lashed out towards Mu Guiying’s heart.

Just then, Mu Guiying softly shut her eyes.

“Crystal Heart… Clear Mind.”

Buzz! Just as the Hellguard’s attacks were closing in on her, a dazzling golden light suddenly erupted from her body, enveloping her completely. In an instant, she had transformed into a white-robed woman with three heads and a hundred arms. Her expressions were filled with compassion as she slowly opened her eyes.

A terrifying nethergale swirled mightily around her, while innumerable spots of netherflames darted everywhere in the vicinity. She appeared no different from a Bodhisattva of Hell. A split second later, her hundred arms moved at the same time, revealing each their own preferred set of weapons. Her gaze of compassion soon turned completely frigid.

This was the Wrath of Vajra.

“How dare you confront us Emissaries of Hell without any high-grade Yin artifacts in your possession? You Yin spirits of recent times truly don’t know a thing at all…”

With that, she dashed forward into the Hellguards like a bright beam of light!

SSSSSS!!! They could only see a bright beam of light surge past themselves. Nobody saw how she moved, or when she struck. However, every single Qufu Hellguard instantly cried out miserably as they retreated from the terrifying light. Their bodies were instantly covered with wounds, and Yin energy poured out profusely!

They weren’t a match for her at all!

“Crazy… You’re crazy!!!” One of the Qufu Hellguards clutched at his injuries, desperately gasping for air as he retreated as far as a hundred meters away. He stared scornfully but fearfully at the woman of Hell. In that instant earlier when she brushed past his body, he could sense such a thick murderous intent from her that he could practically see… Hell itself!

How could such a woman possibly exist?!

At this very moment, Mu Guiying was only three thousand meters away from the Mechanical Beast, Ugly Bull.

There was still an endless ocean of Yin soldiers in front of her.

Apart from Li Linfu’s army, another army of at least 100,000 troops had at some point in time ascended the western city walls to obstruct Hell’s approach.

But even then, Mu Guiying remained completely unfazed.

She didn’t even retreat in the slightest.

There was only a look of burning determination in her eyes.

“In life, I took from my country. In death, I repay my duties…” Despite the endless sea of Yin soldiers, her eyes remained as deep and abstruse as ever. Then, she gently unfolded her hundred arms, “Either get lost, or die.”


Back in the underworld, Qin Ye, Arthis and Yang Yande were all watching this heroic scene pan out on a screen of Yin energy in front of them. Yang Yande shut his eyes and choked up softly, “Crystal Heart, Clear Mind…”

Suppressing the welling emotions in his heart, Qin Ye asked, “What’s that?”

Arthis lowered her gaze and softly responded, “A forbidden art. One of the forbidden arts hidden in the deepest parts of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s Great Benediction… Once used, the user will lose herself, and be unable to return to her senses ever again. But while the technique remains in effect, the user will be impervious to the feeling of pain, and… even have their abilities forcefully raised to the peak of the cultivation that they are at.”

Unable to return to her senses?

Qin Ye’s jaws dropped slightly. Even though they weren’t participating in the battle just yet, they could see for themselves just how terrifying and cruel the bloodshed in Limbo was. Hell’s forces were forging ahead despite the casualties to their numbers, while Qufu’s forces were so bent on taking down Hell’s forces that they would even sacrifice their own troops with a carpet bomb of colossal spears. Even the generals were forced to resort to throwing their lives on the line for the definitive war of Hell.

Almost as though she could sense the doubts on Qin Ye’s mind, Arthis shook her head, “Lord Harken can do it, but… only after a full recovery.”


Several seconds later, Qin Ye responded with some hoarseness in his voice, “Is there any way we can recall her back?”

“No!” Yang Yande immediately barked sternly, “Once my sister-in-law has decided on a certain course of action, there’s simply no turning back at all. She’s… a very stubborn person.”

He gazed up at the distant sky. Although there weren’t any tears, he could still sense the rims of his eyes turning red and hot. He continued hoarsely, “I appreciate the thought, Lord Qin. But the best way to repay her sacrifice would be to cherish this opportunity that she’s bought with her life…”

“We’ve only got one shot at this. As soon as the enemy troops pour out of the inner city in an attempt to reinforce their own forces, that would be the time for us to strike with our 20,000 troops. We’re the assassins in this entire operation. We cannot afford to jeopardize our chances just because of our personal emotions! The nation before the self! Lord Yanluo cannot act upon his emotions at this point in time!”

“The time still isn’t ripe… Our forces haven’t even breached the outer city walls just yet! It’s only when our forces finally break through the defenses along the outer city walls and enter the outer city that our chance will finally arise!” He lowered his head slowly, but the netherflames in his eyes were already flickering so wildly that they even turned blood red, “Lord Qin, I’ll be watching you before that happens. We absolutely cannot afford to mobilize even a single more Yin soldier. Remember… we’ve only got one shot at this!”

Qin Ye gritted his teeth and nodded softly.

He had seen his share of death and departure. Most of these had happened during the years of conflict and war earlier on in his life, when every Cathayan was fighting for their liberation.

Now, it felt as though he had reverted to those times. For Hell’s future, Yin spirits were throwing themselves in harm’s way without asking for anything in return.

“Everything… is for the sake of unifying the underworld, and to restore order and balance to Yin and Yang…” Qin Ye shut his eyes and choked up slightly. He couldn’t help but recall the giant image of Qufu, before focusing his attention on the inner city.

How he wished that they would react with greater abandon and more wanton recklessness.

C’mon… just fall for it already…

Send your remaining forces at once. Our generals have already thrown themselves into the fray. Doesn’t that deserve more attention from the rest of your forces?

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