Chapter 312: Pitfall!

Qin Ye spent some time adjusting his lesson plans, before soon becoming caught up in the endless stream of official documents to be approved once more.

As the new Hell began to delve deeper into its development, so were there also increasingly more official documents that needed to be vetted and approved. He had originally thought to hunker down and properly think through and sort out the relationship between the twelve envoys, the old Hell and the new Hell. Unfortunately, he was overwhelmed by the tide of official documents that soon engulfed him. There was nothing that couldn’t be approved as long as they submitted a twelve-inch thick document. If there was, then it could simply be supplemented by another twelve inches of documentation…

1 September. The new Hell’s governmental departments were finally officially inaugurated. There were only fifty civil servants in all, because the amount of space they had in the left annex hall was simply too small. There was simply no way of accommodating any more than that.

Fortunately, the blueprint for the new government building had already been drawn up by Gu Qing and approved, and construction works had already begun ten days ago.

12 September. Hell’s Archives was established, and all details pertaining to the establishment of each industry, the construction of each building, and all other milestones were all recorded in the archives so that Hell would finally begin to write its own history. Simultaneously, Hell’s Archives also recorded and scheduled the dates of all important ceremonies, traditions, festivals and celebrations, as well as the proceedings to be undertaken at each of these days. According to the reports, 18 March was designated as Hell’s Day, otherwise known as the founding day of the new Hell.

15 September. The First Battalion of Hell was officially established. There were a total of twelve thousand soldiers conscripted in all, most of which were Yin spirits under the age of thirty. Oda Nobunaga personally submitted a report, stating that they have officially commenced drills, and that they’re hoping that Qin Ye could return to Hell in two months time to join them in their first blight vermin sniping battle.

Three major milestones had been achieved in the short span of half a calendar month, not to mention the multitude of other smaller achievements, including the establishment of factories and production lines. Although Qin Ye had delegated as much work as he possibly could, most of these things still needed his approval in the form of branding using his Yin energy before they could actually commence with the works.

He couldn’t see what was going on, and there were times when he didn’t even fully appreciate what the works entailed, but he still needed to keep track of the general developments in Hell. Besides, now that school had resumed, it was going to become far more challenging for him to return to Hell on a regular basis.

He was fully occupied with classes in the morning and his duties to guide students with their techniques at the night-practice sessions in the evenings. Thus, it would generally be in the region of 10.00 p.m. by the time he returned to his dorm room at night. Thereafter, he would spend his remaining free time learning more about the old Hell’s legacy, to which end he still had a long way to go.

All of the instructors knew how much Qin Ye enjoyed socials and parties. However, he had already refused one social and two parties to date, and had instead spent all of his waking hours studying in his room everyday.

“What exactly are you so busy with these days?” Lin Han asked Qin Ye while they were taking a break from classes in the instructors’ office.

The one good thing about Local Bully was how straightforward he was. He never minced his words.

Qin Ye’s appearances didn’t look very much different from how he usually looked. At best, the only difference was the addition of a pair of glasses lately. That said, Lin Han couldn’t help but feel as though Qin Ye was exuding an air of death and lethargy about him, almost as though he would perish the very next moment.

Nevertheless, Qin Ye simply ignored him, and shut his eyes to catch forty winks. The passion of Hell was surging, but so was his workload. The reports that he was presented with everyday were at least a foot thick stacked together.

Local Bully couldn’t care less if Qin Ye ignored him - So what if you ignore me… I don’t care… After all, I’m… used to it?

Ding-ding-ding… The bell for the next class rang. Qin Ye opened his eyes with a sigh, picked up his lesson plan and began to head out of the instructors’ office once more. Just then, Lin Han knocked on the table, “Hey, KTV tonight. It’s a new branch. Two of the female instructors are joining us. Coming?”

“No.” Qin Ye responded without turning back.

“Hey! I’m asking you to go! It’s my treat! Come on!” Lin Han yelled desperately from behind, “What’s the point of staying cooped up at home all day long? It’s almost like you’re hiding from the sun for the last twenty days or so. Are you trying to master some ghostly arts?!”

Ghostly arts my ass!

Qin Ye nearly couldn’t resist the urge of turning around and dropping the bombshell on Lin Han - Brother… the joke’s on you, because I do practice some ghostly arts!

However, he didn’t even have the bandwidth to duke it out with the energetic husky barking behind him. Qin Ye suddenly began to finally feel his age. He waved his hand dismissively. Then, just as he motioned to leave, he felt a powerful arm land right on his shoulder.

The weight of the arm was approximately ten kilograms! Son of a… Did he just throw a pig’s trotter at me?!

Lin Han had at some point caught up to him and placed his arm around his shoulder, and he was now frowning at Qin Ye, “What’s wrong with you? Do you want to talk to your big brother about it? We’re obviously just brothers who enjoy a brawl from time to time, so what’s with you putting on the airs of a Challenger[1]... Do you know that there’s a scent of death emanating from your body already? You’ve basically got a foot in the coffin by now.”

Bloody hell… are you a dog?!

Qin Ye glared at Local Bully as though he had seen a ghost. Since when can you smell the stench of death with your nose? I know… I’ll confer you the title of becoming a police dog in Hell when you die!

“I haven’t been resting well.” It looked like Lin Han wouldn’t stop badgering him until he had some answers, so Qin Ye suppressed the fire in his heart and attempted to allay his concerns for once.

“I know - is it because the school has been putting too much pressure on your shoulders?” Lin Han gave him an understanding look, before leaning in and whispering into his ears, “This is why your big brother has found something good for you.”


The antennas on Qin Ye’s head stood up instantly, and his otherwise dormant body was filled with vitality in an instant. Intuition told him that the “good thing” which this husky was telling him about was by no means good at all. He turned to glare at Lin Han, “You’d best be prepared for the consequences. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to hold myself back.”

Lin Han stared at Qin Ye with a look of incredulity. Then, with a pained expression, he continued, “Do you recall how Wargod Zhou mentioned that we’ll be commencing actual combat practice this semester?”

Qin Ye continued to stare intently and silently at Lin Han.

You’re headed straight for a pitfall. Please be wise and go around it.

“What kind of expression is that? Do you think I’m trying to trip you up?!” Lin Han was dismayed, and responded disdainfully, “The schedule was released a couple of days ago. Have you taken a look at it? We start proper on 1 October. One to one. Wargod Zhou will oversee the efforts of an instructor, while the instructor will be responsible for ten students. The students’ preferred choice would be given priority. Therefore, I was scheduled to take charge of the first week.”

“Hang on.” Qin Ye astutely caught the nub of the issue - Bloody hell… what’s that supposed to mean?

Since when did the students’ preferred choice become you?

Kid, don’t you think you’ve omitted far too many details in the middle? You must have pulled this term out from your butt, haven’t you?


The perceptive Local Bully immediately understood the look in Qin Ye’s eyes, and he thus puffed up his chest proudly, “Are you doubting what I’ve said? I’m not trying to brag, but your era of dominance is over. The present era is built on the surname Lin!”

“That’s impossible.” Qin Ye adjusted his glasses in a scholarly fashion, “We’re not even light years away from each other.”

Lin Han scowled at him with a subtle yet arrogant look. He sighed pretentiously, but it was clear that he was blatantly gloating.

He tapped on the Momo app.

And then tapped on the First Academy of Cultivators Students Group.

The smirk on his face was no different from that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing right now.

Qin Ye stared at Lin Han as though he were staring at a whole new person, “Alright… I didn’t think you had that in you.”

“Be quiet. Watch and learn… We must always take interest and be concerned for the well being of our students. This is part of our duty as instructors after all.” Lin Han revealed a righteous and upstanding smile, before finally handing his phone to Qin Ye with a victorious smile on his face.

“Instructor Qin’s class is coming up next. What are we going to do?” -- Laughing Pea Shooter.

“Shit… I would much rather attend Instructor Lin’s classes! Instructor Qin’s classes are always so scary! Please transfer!” Qin Ye’s gaze instantly grew cold at the series of chat messages, and he promptly made a mental note of the identity of the students. Then, with his identity hidden behind Lin Han’s disguised profile, he sent a message to the group, “What’s wrong with his classes? I personally find it quite good.”

Instantly, the group exploded with responses.

“What?! Are you sure you’ve been attending his classes? Last semester was great! But ever since this semester began, it feels like we’re in a morgue! Ah, I mean, it feels like a morgue whenever he walks into the lecture hall.” -- Shakespeare.

“I feel like my vitality is being sapped from my body with every minute that passes… Don’t you think Instructor Qin looks like he’s been too tired of late? Lack of sleep? He’s the same age as us, but it suddenly feels as though he’s aged by twenty years!” -- Your Bright Green Hat.

“Did he think he was too amiable and close to the students last semester, so he decided to change tacts and take the high road instead? I still prefer the old instructor Qin. He still looks the same, but it feels like his spirit is gone. Sigh… Good-looking people are dime a dozen, but interesting souls are few and far between. Looks like Instructor Qin has regressed to the former…” -- Ugly Connotation.

“Good-looking? I disagree. He’s so scrawny. At best, his looks are only acceptable. On the other hand, Instructor Lin’s muscles, build, appearances, legs… whoop whoop…” “No-no-no… This lady prefers the innocent, pretty boy look like Little Ye-Ye. Perhaps a certain part might even evolve into a little wolf too!” “Cough… You say it as though you’ve been there, done that…”

Unexpectedly, the conversation took a crooked turn.

Just like the shape of Qin Ye’s lips right now.

Bloody hell… Can I just flunk each and every one of you on your tests right now?!

Who’s scrawny?! Come, tell that to me face to face! How would you know that without verifying it yourself? And how can you blame me for naturally looking young? No… I’ve worked so hard for these lessons I’m giving, so how can you simply dismiss my efforts and say that I’m like a walking morgue?!

My heart hurts… He tossed the phone back to Lin Han and sighed wistfully.

Then again, how can I possibly have my cake and eat it at the same time?

I’ve only got so much time and energy. Now that I’m devoting 80% of it all to the new Hell, where am I supposed to find the time to worry about these trivialities?

After all, Hell was his own, and the final bastion of his identity and assurances. This was something that the First Academy of Cultivators would never be able to replace.

“Your reputation is in grave danger right now. That’s why I’ve especially looked out for an opportunity for you to improve your teacher-student relationship.” Lin Han put away his phone and winked at Qin Ye, “Do you recall how I mentioned earlier that I was scheduled to be in charge of the first week of the actual combat practice?”

“Mm.” Qin Ye peeked at his phone and quickened his pace. Classes were about to begin.

“I’ve applied to swap it with yours.”


The antenna on top of Qin Ye’s head instantly exploded. He whipped his head around abruptly, grabbed Lin Han by his collar and stared at him in the eye with a twisted expression, “You… You’re applying to swap with me?!”

“No need for thanks.” Local Bully smiled graciously, almost as though he were telling Qin Ye that there was no need for thanks. Then, with a toothy grin, he continued, “Hale Province, adjacent to the three eastern provinces. There are even rolling grasslands there! Don’t you think it’s amazing? Aren’t you grateful for it?”

Like hell I’d thank you for that!!!

Qin Ye was going crazy!

He knew that there was a pitfall ahead of him, but he didn’t realize just how big it was! This was a pitfall so large that it could practically bury Qin Ye alive!

Arthis had solemnly warned him to stay in the confines of the First Academy of Cultivator until the end of the year. Yet, to think that there would be such a major turn of events in just the blink of an eye!

And of all places it could have been, it had to be right next to the three eastern provinces!

Oh dear god, dear heavens, dear everything!!! Are you trying to sentence me to a quick and swift death? Is it because you think the story is progressing too slowly, so you have to suddenly drop a terrifying bombshell like this?!

“Hey? Old Qin? What’s the matter with you? Why do you look so pale? You…  you’re fainting? Holy shit! Are you really that excited?!”

1. Another LoL reference.

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