Chapter 190: Exposed?!

Qin Ye sneaked back to his own dorm room. Along the way, he noticed several students of the First Academy of Cultivators, all of whom had fear and terror written all over their faces. None of them were alone. In fact, they were all gathered in groups of three to five, softly discussing the affairs of last night.

Just as he lay back in bed, he heard a set of chaotic footsteps scrambling down the hallway. Before he could even get out of bed, he heard the sound of a key being inserted into his door. Then, with a soft click, the door opened up, and a group of people waltzed right in without a word.

Tao Ran, Lou Chuan and Chen Zhili. Three of the five professors were here. They swiftly shut the door behind them.

“This is…” It didn’t slip Qin Ye’s mind that he was supposed to be feigning illness. Thus, he sat up from his bed weakly and coughed twice, “Is something wrong?”

The three professors didn’t beat about the bush and immediately flipped up the top half of his blanket. Qin Ye was startled. He hadn’t had the time to change out of his camouflage uniform.

“Room inspection.” Tao Ran muttered placidly, “Something happened in the academy last night, and us three professors have been tasked to go about checking every room. The instructors are all gathered in the lecture hall right now, while the students are on the way to the gym.”

Then, Lou Chuan continued without missing a beat, “Can you explain why you’re wearing your camouflage uniform?”


Qin Ye’s mind spun frantically - How am I going to explain this away?

I’d got straight into my sheets and under my cover as soon as I returned from Anhua Mountain. How could I have expected people to be as disrespectful as you old fogeys?! To think that you’d just yank my blanket off me like that! Are you not afraid that I would be sleeping naked, and my dazzling, chiseled body would be the kryptonite to your eyes?

It was evident that this was the last thing on the minds of these old fogeys.

“Professors, have you made a mistake?” The situation was urgent. Qin Ye sat up and coughed dryly, “I’m currently doing my best to secure the title of an outstanding instructor, so how could I possibly…”

“We’re asking why you’re wearing your camouflage uniform.” Tao Ran crouched down. His expressions were devoid of the usual amiable looks. He even stared at Qin Ye with eyes that seemed to penetrate the deepest parts of his soul.

Nobody said a word. The entire room grew silent, and Qin Ye clenched his fists discreetly under the sheets as he restrained his smile.

He could sense that the three professors were now emanating traces of killing intent from their bodies.

The incident last night was simply over the top. One wrong answer, and they would most definitely make a move.

“I was on night watch duty over the last few nights, and I encountered unforeseen circumstances. Head of Faculty Zhou is aware of this.” His heart gradually calmed down as he adopted a somewhat contemplative tone of voice, “Last night, I got injured and got drenched in the rain. I wasn’t too feeling well after getting back, so I got straight into bed without even changing my clothes.”

Tao Ran gazed deeply in his eyes, and then extended his hand towards him after several seconds.

He was obviously just extending his hand, and yet Qin Ye felt engulfed by an incredibly suffocating feeling. Tao Ran… was actually restraining him with the aura of an advanced Anitya Hellguard, and he nearly resisted his overbearing aura reflexively.

I mustn’t move…

This was because there was no way a Soul Hunter could do anything to resist the aura of an advanced Anitya Hellguard at such close range. A single move would expose the fact that he had already become a Hellguard himself.

That would be seriously problematic.

How did you advance to the ranks of an Anitya Hellguard overnight? The academy doesn’t even run a cultivation training programme at all, so what exactly is going on here?

Tao Ran abruptly reached for his sleeve and grabbed his arm, “Hey… what’s that over here?”

It was only at this moment that Qin Ye discovered a blood stain on his sleeves. It was a splotch of maroon, dried blood that had discreetly blended into the patterns of his camouflage wear, and it was hardly conspicuous.

But Tao Ran still saw it.

The hell… when did that get there? That’s right… it must have been when I slayed those extraterritorial emissaries.

“This isn’t from your wound.” Lou Chuan appeared calm, but the aura swelling around him was simply overwhelming, “It’s highly unlikely that your blood would splatter on that part of your arm, especially since your arm isn’t injured at all. It’s also quite clear that the blood has stained your sleeve from the outside, rather than the inside.”

So, how are you going to explain it?

Qin Ye’s mind spun as rapidly as it could, and he took a deep breath, “I had an encounter by the lake last night. I wonder if Head of Faculty Zhou has apprised you of that…”

“He has.” Chen Zhili interjected.

Qin Ye nodded and explained, “The blood stain must have gotten there during the skirmish last night. I didn’t notice it either.”

“Old Chen.” Tao Ran turned around, “Did those things that we encountered early this morning have any injuries on them?”

Chen Zhili shut his eyes for some time. Then, when he finally opened his eyes again, he shook his head.

Qin Ye’s heart instantly sank.

“I didn’t take particular notice.” Fortunately, Chen Zhili’s response gave him hope once more.

Chen Zhili furrowed his brows, “With an emergency like that, who would possibly notice whether the enemy has a wound on his shoulder? And besides, we can tell from the blood stain that the wound can’t have been large to begin with. A Soul Hunter could recover from something like that in just a single day.”

Qin Ye breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. It was clear that the academy was getting riled up over this incident. They knew full well that the intrusion of extraterritorial emissaries was tantamount to a declaration that a nation’s underworld was losing its might and authority. Even though they might not appreciate the extent of the calamity that had befallen Hell, they would still be able to guess that Hell’s collapse was concomitant with the outflow of outstanding Yin spirits to other nations.

The Yin and the Yang were inextricably intertwined with the other. What would the mortal realm become in several years’ time? Nobody knew, and nobody wanted to find out.

It was the fear of the unknown.

“Alright. Rest well. The student council is already accounting for the rest of the students and instructors. You’ll also have to be prepared for the reshuffling of dormitory allocations tomorrow night as well.” Tao Ran stood up.

Qin Ye nodded. He already knew that this was to be expected.

But Tao Ran’s next statement came like a bolt out of the blue, “Let’s begin.” 

“Begin… what?” Qin Ye had a very bad feeling about this.

“Our search.” Professor Chen put on a somewhat contrived smile, “All instructors rooms must be thoroughly searched. You might not be aware of this yet, but the academy was attacked by a terrorist cell last night. The attackers were all Soul Hunters. Presently, the only Soul Hunters in the academy are the instructors, and we suspect that one or more of the instructors may have been possessed by them. Therefore, please understand that we absolutely must conduct a search right now.”

The tension in Qin Ye’s heart loosened with that - Well, say so earlier next time… go on about your search then… I’m not hiding anything. All of my possessions are already in Hell anyw--... NO!!!

“Wait a minute!” Qin Ye abruptly stood up as a dreadful thought shot through his mind. His sudden movement was immediately met with three oppressive glares.

Oh shit! Oh damn! Oh god!!!

Qin Ye was going crazy. He could no longer be bothered keeping up pretenses of being ill, and leapt straight out of bed and looked at the three professors with pleading, puppy eyes, “About that… is it possible… not to search my room?”

“No way. There are no exceptions.” The more Qin Ye acted this way, the more the professors' suspicions were aroused. They even subconsciously shifted their positions to surround Qin Ye right between them all.

Qin Ye was simply going mad!

ARTHIS… I’ll skin you sooner or later!!!

There was indeed nothing incriminating in his room.

Apart from that damn Infernal Judge’s silicone body!!

Oh dear heavens… How could I possibly let them discover something like that?! That’s shame and embarrassment that will stick for a lifetime! It’s the deepest darkest secret of my heart that nobody should be allowed to see! ARRRGGHHHH!

This isn’t right… this isn’t happening…

He suddenly saw the dark side of the mortal realm. That’s right… there’s not only the silicone doll in this place. There’s still the Triumph bras…  and Whisper pads… and some other cosmetic products…

So that’s how it’s going to end for me…

I’d guarded this room jealously day and night… I’d turned Wang Chenghao away and beaten Lin Han up just to hide these shameful existences. Yet everything is going to be exposed just like that? Are you trying to lynch me in public?!

“Why don’t we sit down and work something out…” Qin Ye’s lips were quivering. He grabbed Tao Ran’s wrist and pleaded, “You’re my professor. You’ll vouch for me, wouldn’t you?”

This kid… why does his eyes look so despondent?

Tao Ran looked at Qin Ye in dismay. After a moment of deliberation, he shook his head, instantly dashing Qin Ye’s hopes of deliverance.

“Little Qin, every instructor is going through the same thing. There’s no reason why an exception should be made for you. Anyhow, this is also the only way to clear the names of all instructors.” He sighed as he spoke with a heavy heart. Then, he waved his hands, “Professors, please begin. I’ll recuse myself for impartiality’s sake.”

Lou Chuan and Chen Zhili glanced back at Qin Ye once more. Then, with a simple wave of his hand, Lou Chuan caused all of the cupboards to open at the same time. Their contents flew out as though they had wings. The curtains drew to the side, while the drawers opened themselves… Everything in Qin Ye’s room was exposed to the eyes of justice in an instant.

Qin Ye’s spirits sank to rock bottom.

He slumped to the ground and stared at the ceiling, completely dejected - Would it hurt if I jumped from the top of the building? I probably wouldn’t even die, would I… then, perhaps I’ll jump from the bell tower instead…

“Huh?” The first person to exclaim in shock was Professor Lou Chuan. Among Qin Ye’s possessions floating in the air right now, several stood out in particular.

“This is… Anerle[1]?” Chen Zhili adjusted his glasses with an astonished expression.

That’s truly shocking. To think that I would find something like that in a male instructor’s room. These circumstances are far too outrageous…

Tao Ran’s eyes widened as he stared at the packet of sanitary pads hovering in the air. Then, he slowly turned around and looked at the petrified Qin Ye almost as though he had seen a ghost. And then, he turned to look at the colourful pile of accessories on the ground. Seconds later, he raised his hand and coughed into his fist dryly, “It’s not just that… there’s Whispers as well… Professors, do you want to take it apart to take a closer inspection?”

The two professors took a look at the packaging, and then gazed at Qin Ye, who was now deeply mortified. Then, they shook their heads in unison.

Well… I suddenly understand why he was so resistant to the idea of the search… It seems like we’ve seen a new side of him today… something that few would probably have ever seen…

But little did they realize that this was far from the climax of this story.

As more and more items flew out of the cabinets and drawers, the professors grew increasingly hesitant about completing their search. And that was especially the case when the lacey brasseries began floating out into the air. The professors immediately exchanged an awkward glance with each other.

No way…

Little Qin, is there something you want to tell us about your sexuality… I mean, why do you have these things in your possession to begin with?

“I’ll confess…” Qin Ye finally crept out from the mires of despondence and looked at the professors with a gaze that declared “It’s true! It’s absolutely true!”. Then, he muttered, “Would you believe it if I said these things aren’t mine?”

Tao Ran paused for a moment, and then his voice grew somber, “Instructor Qin, might I remind you that instructors and students are strictly forbidden from having an intimate relationship with each other. These are the regulations. If you cross the lines, not even I can protect you! Now, tell me, whose are these?!”

“... It’s… mine! It’s mine!!” Qin Ye gnashed his teeth so loudly they were audible to professors.

Oh dear me, dear my. The three professors exchanged glances that were filled with curiosity, wonder and even a trace of approbation.

You’re truly living the moment like a true blue city boy, aren’t you!

1. Another brand of sanitary pads.

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