Chapter 175: Mounting You From the Front

Qin Ye furrowed his brows, “What do you mean?”

Arthis responded coldly, “You won’t be able to defeat even a single one of these extraterritorial emissaries this time. It’s not your fault. It’s just that you’d joined the ranks of Hell a little too late, and you’re unable to tap on the powers available to emissaries of the old Hell. That said… this doesn’t mean there’s no way to kill them!”

She stared soullessly into the distant night sky, “This is Cathay’s Hell we’re talking about. We were the strongest underworld back then. The fact that these abominations are here is tantamount to a challenge against Hell’s authority! Don’t you wish you could… make them leave their lives behind?”

Qin Ye coughed lightly, “I don’t have that level of dignity and self-respect…”

It was evident just how strong his will to survive was.

However, this desire for survival was immediately suppressed by Arthis’ chilling gaze.

“Cough… about that… well, go on… I’m listening, and I’m open to suggestions…”

Arthis withdrew her gaze and muttered with conviction, “I’ll enter you.”

“Once I enter your body, I’ll be able to display abilities of at least the Hellguard level. I’ll even have access to the underworldly arts. It wouldn’t be an issue taking them down at that point in time.”


Qin Ye’s lips quivered, “About that… Did I mishear you?”

Arthis smiled faintly, “You misheard nothing.”

“I’ll mount you from the front.” “I refuse.”


Three seconds later, a particular instructor’s room was thrown into disarray, and it took some time before peace settled in the room once more.

Arthis’ domineering personality was in full bloom. With one foot on the bed and one hand on Qin Ye’s shoulder, she stared at Qin Ye with a dangerous gleam in her eyes, “What do you mean? Are you saying that my otherworldly beauty isn’t good enough for you? And don’t you think you’re rejecting me too outrightly? I’m hurt…”

Qin Ye’s desire to survive trumped every other consideration in his heart. He tugged shamelessly at his blanket and trembled on his bed, “No… can’t we discuss this a little bit more? This humble servant of yours isn’t deserving of such a great national beauty like you!”

“There’s no room for negotiations.” Arthis covered Qin Ye’s mouth with her silicone hands as she smiled in a deep and profound manner, “Do you know something? Killing extraterritorial emissaries nabs you twice the amount of merit points you would get for an equivalent Yin spirit. In other words, killing them would mean attaining the next breakthrough to the rank of an Anitya Hellguard. What’s a bodily sacrifice in light of such a great opportunity like that?”

Qin Ye scrunched up the corner of his blanket in agony, “... But I don’t even want to be an Anitya Hellguard! I’m just a meagre little Ezreal floundering about with Zeal!”

“Eh? It sounds like you’re despising me aren’t you? Do you know how many people were queuing up to make such requests of me? They were even willing to fork out huge sums of money…”

“Then go find them! Why--... I finally understand - you’re coveting my body! No wonder I got the feeling that you were looking at me funny! Are you finally making your move after seeing the perfect opportunity?!”

“... Where does all this self-confidence come from? Fine. I’m willing to enter a covenant under the Heavenly Dao to the effect that I won’t seize possession of your body. After all, Hell is now directly linked to your soul in any event. It’s decided then. Be good.”

Arthis began to write in the air in front of her. Moments later, a contract made of Yin energy appeared in mid-air. Qin Ye scanned through its contents and confirmed that everything was in order.

But having this damned woman taint my pure body is a huge problem nonetheless! ARRRGGGHH!!

Director! I don’t want this role anymore! You can give it to anyone who wants it!

“... I think we’re being too hot-headed about these things. Something so important should be carefully considered… Wait, what are you doing… Holy crap! Let go!!” Qin Ye struggled with everything he got, yet before he could finish, Arthis had already grabbed hold of his hand and pressed his thumbprint onto the contract.

Qin Ye fell into a state of despondence.

Why… isn’t this supposed to be a story of cities and the supernatural? How did it suddenly become a story about a person’s transformation? Can you please draw the line somewhere?!

Arthis giggled softly. For some strange reason, she felt incredibly satisfied teasing the last remaining Emissary of Hell, and she revealed a radiant smile on her silicone face, “Then, shall we begin? Don’t be afraid. You’ll get used to it.”

“No… wait a minute! What are you going to do? I’m not a willing party! Ahhhhh!!!”

Ten minutes later.

Qin Ye sat up on his bed.

And a lifeless and limp silicone doll lay on the bed beside him.

The imagery was a little too dirty.

He picked up a mirror, and slowly ran his warm fingers down the side of his face and paused when he arrived at his jaw. He blinked at his reflection and exclaimed in a deep voice, “This kid… is pretty good-looking.”

“Don’t touch me!” Qin Ye gnashed his teeth and yelled at the top of his voice in his mind, “I’m warning you! Don’t do anything weird with my body! Otherwise, I’m breaking up with you!”

“You don’t seem too upset by the situation.” Qin Ye slowly undid his camouflage uniform, “I mean, you even seem to be in the mood for jokes? Eh? Since when did you have abs?”

“What the--!! Get your dirty hands off me! That’s not something for your hands!! I’ll be damned… My eyes!”

It was the stuff of mental breakdowns to see yourself touching yourself.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of his worst nightmare.

Qin-Arthis-Ye got to her feet, but the first thing she did was to cross a leg tightly over the other. And then, she furrowed her thick brows immediately. The stance was peculiar to the extreme.

Qin Ye could feel his bulging being throbbing uncontrollably in his mind, “What in the world are you trying to do?”

Yet his body didn’t give him any response, and she simply continued to rummage around. Qin Ye began to develop a bad premonition, and he softened his voice and spoke as gently as he could, “I mean… could you please tell me what you’re looking for?”

“Souermei.[1]” Qin Ye’s body responded curtly, “My body just feels like something’s missing…”

“Bloody hell… #%(#*&#$(@!!!” A long string of expletives resounded through every corner of his mind, only to receive a displeased response, “This is business. I’ll return your body to you later. If I don’t use it and get accustomed to it, there might be compatibility issues later on. After all…”

His hand picked up a mirror and ran a finger gently across his face, “I’m just a lady when all is said and done…”

“What kind of business do you run donning a Souermei and going to war?! You’re just a stupid silicone doll!” Qin Ye's mind was on the verge of collapse as he continued cursing at Arthis.

His body suddenly set the mirror down and furrowed his brows, “Those who are to achieve great things in life must not be shackled by the little things in this world. Look at how petty you are… Fine, I won’t put it on. I’ll just have to get accustomed to it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qin Ye discovered his hand shifting away from the bed and plunging straight into his camouflage pants. And then, a peculiar expression ran across his face.

“Oh my words… What’s this… Doesn’t that feel a little bit strange…” His body moaned.

“Get! Away! From! Me!! Take your hands out! Take your hands out right out!!” That was the last straw. Qin Ye went completely bonkers in his mind.

This is my own absolute domain… how could it be defiled just like that by this old granny?!

Dozens of minutes later.

His body still revealed a displeased expression on its face, “I still can’t get the hang of it. It just feels as though I’ve got an extra two taels[2] of flesh coming out of my body. Should I… just cut them off? I’ll glue it back for you before leaving your body.”

The veins on Qin Ye’s forehead throbbed, “Only two taels?!”

His body frowned, “Don’t you think your focus is a little bit off the mark? Who do you think I was talking to when I asked for permission to cut them off? And I’m just borrowing your body for a few hours. Why does it always have to be so difficult with you?”

“... Big sister, I’m begging you. Can you please just fall into a boiling cauldron and die? Don’t mess with me anymore…”

“Tsk…” Just as Arthis was about to continue, her body suddenly trembled, and Qin Ye promptly passed out on the bed.

When he woke up again, he found both himself and the silicone doll sitting up at exactly the same time. The silicone doll glanced longingly at her own hands, while Qin Ye immediately reached his hands into his pants.

Phew… my little brothers are still intact. That’s reassuring.

Fortunately, this woman isn’t completely deranged just yet.

“Explain.” Qin Ye rolled up his sleeves as he stared daggers at the silicone doll, “Speak! How long have you lusted after my beautiful face? You’ve taken advantage of this opportunity to make use of me!”

“Oh? Hehehe… Haha…” Arthis chuckled dryly, “How’s that possible.”

She continued without missing a beat, “It’s been centuries since I’ve last touched a man, and you’re still unwilling to cut me some slack? Otherwise, do you really think I’d make a move on you given your appearances?”

It sounded so cogent and well-reasoned that Qin Ye was actually rendered speechless.

“Alright.” Having noticed the suicidal glint in Qin ye’s eyes, Arthis flicked her hand, sending Qin Ye back half a meter away, “Bear this in mind - each instance of possession lasts a maximum of two and a half hours.”

She added, “The artifact used by those two Nipponese emissaries are actually a replica eight-feet mirror. Although it’s a replica, it has undoubtedly been tainted with the aura of their queen of the underworld, Izanami. I’m certain that the other extraterritorial emissaries would also have brought with them their own treasures that have been blessed by their own lords of the underworlds as well. If I don’t possess your body, Gu Qing soul would most certainly be out of your reach.”

Qin Ye fervently suppressed the thought of tearing Arthis to shreds. After much effort, he finally managed to cool off, sigh deeply and nod his head knowingly.

Gu Qing’s resume made him perfect for Hell right now. Letting him slip out of his grasp would be too much of a waste.

And most importantly, the actions of the extraterritorial emissaries were tantamount to a barrage of slaps to his face - and resounding ones at that.

Hell was once among the top - if not the top - underworld around. But now, even riff raff like these dared to come and go as they pleased. Perhaps the other emissaries weren’t aware that the lame Emissary of Hell that they had just clashed against was none other than the future King Yanluo. Nevertheless, even he would feel ashamed.

And not only had they come, they were even attempting to seize Gu Qing’s soul from right under his nose! This was his turf, so how could he stand idly by and tolerate such audacity?!

Duty and power came hand in hand. After forking out so much for Hell’s reestablishment, he was naturally entitled to enjoy the power and authority that came along with it.

Almost as though she could perceive the contemplations on his heart, Arthis remarked, “Don’t worry. Entering your body… Such possession is completely different from the kind that usurps control from your body. Usurping or seizing is something that any Yin spirit can only do once in its entire lifetime. It would be a waste if I used it on you.”

Qin Ye finally smiled and flashed his middle finger right at Arthis, “Although I hate to say this… but… thank you.”

“We’re friends with benefits, aren’t we?” Arthis glanced out of the window and muttered through gritted teeth, “Those who dare cause trouble in Cathay had better be prepared to die for it. This is something that all underworlds have known since time immemorial.”

“We’re the only ones allowed to seize from others. Having a soul seized from us is an occurrence so rare that it’s practically unheard of.”

She gently tightened her grip, and the window frame immediately cracked, “Since they’ve forgotten these universal principles… then I, as the remaining Judge, shall take it upon myself to remind them.”

Qin Ye mulled over it, “How confident are you?”

“At least seventy percent.” Arthis turned around responded firmly, “Possession without usurpation means that my abilities will fall by one qualitative level. An Anitya Hellguard is only one level above Soul Hunters. Furthermore, all of them are equipped to the teeth with treasures blessed by their respective lords of the underworld. This is why I wouldn’t dare say that I’m a hundred percent confident.”

“... Weren’t you just speaking as though it were a done deal?”

“... Weren’t you the one who told me the first thing I should do every morning is to pump myself up?”

“... Ah… Dear, I think you’ve got it all wrong…”

1. Women underwear brand.

2. A unit of weight approximately equal to 50g

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