Chapter 153: Invisible

Boom… Inside room 315, only Qin Ye, who was currently the only one in such close proximity to Zhou Xianlong, knew just how terrifying he was.

The air around them had practically transformed into a glass like material. He reached out with his hand and tapped the air in front of him.

Crash… A shattering sound rang out in mid-air. Even the trees within the campus grounds swayed madly before huddling together in fear and trembling.

Qin Ye gulped nervously.

His familiarity with Arthis had caused him to forget the might of an Infernal Judge that he had felt back when Arthis unleashed her towering display of authority that connected the heavens and the earth. But right now, everything came crashing back into his mind.

He felt as though he were in the heart of a torrential storm right now. The shard of King Yanluo’s Seal on his chest was the only one that kept his determination going. His head was percolating with cold sweat, and yet he dared not move a single muscle, almost as though a single movement would render the shard of King Yanluo’s seal incapable of protecting him.

It’s incredible…

And this is stronger than Arthis, no less!

This is the display of authority of the second-in-command of the Special Investigations Department!

One minute later, the invisible storm around vanished as abruptly as it began. Zhou Xianlong stared at his own hands in dismay, “Nothing?”

“Or… is it already gone?”

He stared at his own hands in a daze for some time, before suddenly turning to look at Qin Ye, “How did you sense it earlier?”

“How did you detect it when I didn’t even sense it?”

“If you hadn’t sensed it in the nick of time, it would have devoured all of the Yang energy in his body, and it would be as though nothing had ever happened when morning comes.”

He gazed deeply into Qin Ye’s eyes. Fortunately, Qin Ye had already anticipated something like that as soon as he reported the situation to Zhou Xianlong, and he smiled faintly, “If the Faculty Head is interested, I will be discussing something similar in my upcoming opening lecture. I’ve been rather sensitive to these things ever since I was young after all. I’ll look forward to receiving your guidance at the lecture.”

Zhou Xianlong nodded his head. There was no reason to be suspicious of Qin Ye. Yin spirits and humans were existences that were fundamentally opposed to each other. No human could possibly cooperate with the forces of the netherworld, since their minds were filled with a primal thirst for blood and flesh. Only a fool would go down the path of no return and deal with the devil.

Therefore, there was no doubt that they could trust a person as long as he was warm-blooded and possessed a shadow.

“You’re going down the right track. Cultivate well. I’ve got a good feeling about you.” He responded softly, “But for now, brace yourself.”

Qin Ye almost cried with joy when he heard Zhou Xianlong’s words.

He had just been praised!

He had been given a great compliment by an Infernal Judge!

His understanding of Infernal Judges had always been this - venomous, strong-willed, and incapable of resisting the urge to diss and oppose him. Therefore, this was the very first time that he’d heard praise coming from the mouth of a Judge-class entity, and a human cultivator no less!

That said, he also immediately understood the hidden implication of Zhou Xianlong’s words.

Ka-ka-ka-ka… The grounds of the previously peaceful academy suddenly trembled slightly. The true energy surrounding Zhou Xianlong’s body wasn’t visible, but his clothes immediately began to flutter wildly on its own as Zhou Xianlong slowly drifted off the ground and hovered in the air.

Rumble! The originally silent night sky was instantly filled with snaking bolts of electricity. Qin Ye gasped as he subconsciously retreated and rolled into Ye Xingchen’s bed.

“Law of the Five Thunderbolts.” Zhou Xianlong slowly enunciated each word. Then, he slammed his palm down abruptly and drifted away in an instant.

In the next second, almost as though the thunder god was in compliance with his demands, countless thunderbolts struck the First Academy of Cultivators, almost akin to a scene taken straight out of a sci-fi film. It didn’t hurt anyone, yet it continued to plow through the entire campus grounds of the entire academy, leaving no corner left untouched!

“Bloody hell…” Qin Ye stared at Zhou Xianlong as though he had seen a ghost. In his stupor, he even tuned out the countless screams and scuttling of footsteps across the entire building.

“That’s insane… this death god wasn’t sparing its life… rather, it’s simply carpet bombing the entire First Academy of Cultivators…”

One second later, the lights in the room switched on with a click.

“What the hell was that? It’s insane!” “I’ve heard about something like that from my elders. They say it’s a type of thunderbolt technique that’s stronger than palm lightning.” “Is it the Faculty Head? What in the world is his cultivation rank?” “Little Ye? What happened to you? Were you discovered by anyone?”

And then, silence.

Qin Ye blinked his eyes. Right now, he was rolled up in bed right under Ye Xingchen’s blanket, while the other was scantily clad, and even had a wet patch on his underwear…

“This… things aren’t as they seem… Hang on! Don’t close the door! Listen to me! Holy shit! Get your ass in here right now!!”

Tens of minutes later, Qin Ye stormed back to his dorm room with an ashen expression on his face.

Despite having explained the situation a number of times, the students had nevertheless sent him off with an expression that had written him off as “that kind of instructor”. Qin Ye’s heart was incredibly forlorn.

I can only hope that Ye Xingchen will wake up tomorrow and clear my name!

“Have you heard? One of the instructors has made a move against his student!” Local Bully typed excitedly in the instructor group chat for the Faculty of Combat, “That’s awesome! I wanted to give a huge thumbs up when I first heard the news!”

“I’d heard about it as well.” Li Runxue’s ID was ‘Timely Snow Foretells a Bumper Harvest’. She supplemented, “I’d heard that it was from our faculty.”

Qin Ye switched off the Momo app numbly, shut the door to his dorm room, and then looked at Arthis as he muttered with displeasure, “I’ll say, can’t you find a better opportunity to…”

He couldn’t continue. The words were lodged in his throat.

It was because the atmosphere in the room was far too peculiar.

Arthis wasn’t catching up on her drama serials.

Nor was she playing LOL.

Ming Shiyin was right beside her, and yet none of them were talking at this moment.

It’s too strange! That’s not the kind of scene I would regularly be seeing!

“What’s going on…” He thought for a moment, and then probed thoughtfully, “Menopause?”

Bang! Instantly, a red flash shot straight into his head, sending him flying straight back into the door.

Got it.

It’s still the same old Princess Lordaeron I know.

“You’ve got to take extra precaution in the near future.” Arthis muttered, “There’s some unclean things lurking nearby in the campus grounds.”

“Nearby?” Qin Ye rubbed his reddened brows, “Unclean? Yin spirits?”

“No.” Ming Shiyin responded in all earnestness, “We’re a type of Yin spirit as well. I’m a Yin artifact spirit, while Arthis is the Rakshasa. Don’t you think we’re already close to the epitome of ‘unclean’? That said, that thing… is even more unclean than us.”

Arthis added icily, “This enemy of Hell ranks even higher in priority than the daolords around.”

Qin Ye lowered his hand and collected his expression as he stared straight into Arthis’ eyes.

“Like I said, there are some things which you don’t need to know right now. And this matter, in particular, is one of them. The more you know, the more troubled you will be. Furthermore, we can’t even be certain whether the others are intentionally targeting the First Academy of Cultivators or are just passing through.”

“Can’t you find out?”

Arthis shook her silicone head, “The human Judge is stronger than I am. I wouldn’t dare to open my infernal eyes thoughtlessly in a place like this. And these things can only be seen by an Emissary of Hell…”

Before she could finish speaking, Ming Shiyin promptly interjected with a line of text, “Shut up, idiot!”

Arthis immediately halted her lips, and she changed the topic when she spoke once again, “It’s fine if the other party is simply passing through. After all, Cathay’s Hell is currently riddled with holes. But if their target is none other than the First Academy of Cultivators…”

She paused for more than ten seconds, before finally continuing with a hoarse voice, “Pay close attention to those who are around you. Notify me as soon as you discover something peculiar. It’s best if you can lure them here as well. That way, I’d be able to see exactly what they are.”

“What in the world is that thing?”

Arthis sniffled and ignored his question, “If their target is really the First Academy of Cultivators… we’ll have to seriously consider why they’re here.”

Qin Ye groaned in frustration and collapsed on the bed. Then, he tilted his head towards the rest, “Your ‘we’ clearly doesn’t include me, does it? Is it really that good an idea to leave the future King Yanluo out of all these discussions?”

“We’re protecting you.” Ming Shiyin responded, “Why do you think we’re following a mere Soul Hunter like you around? If not for the fact that we see hope in you becoming the future King Yanluo, do you think we’d even be willing to take lead from you? Arthis is right. There are some things which you don’t need to know just yet…”

“Can you please watch your words? Since when did I allow you to call me Arthis? I can ignore the fact that my name has changed, but the name even suggests that my gender has changed!”

“Ohh damn. And yet you respond as though you’re in heat every time that kid calls you by that name? What’s the matter? A monk can touch you, and yet I can’t?”

“... Since when have you been reading Mr Lu Xun’s works? And the True Story of Ah Q at that…”[1]

Everything seemed to be back to normal. This incident was like a little pebble that had struck the surface of a peaceful lake, creating gentle ripples that spread throughout. Yet, after the incident, the lake waters were still the same old lake waters.

Nobody was aware that on that very same night, Zhou Xianlong called up all of the Hellguard-class professors and combed through the entire First Academy of Cultivators that night, but found absolutely nothing.

It was as though the mysterious entity had come and gone without a single trace.

They didn’t even know who that entity was.

The next day, Qin Ye only woke up at noon. Classes would commence proper tomorrow, and he needed to do everything he could to conserve his energy and rejuvenate his spirits.

The final day of rest just before the commencement of work was always the most precious day. He naturally also woke up with a great mood and outlook for the day ahead.

Yet, as soon as he opened his door, his beautiful mood instantly turned ugly. The corner of his eyes twitched uncontrollably as soon as he noticed the two tall students standing right outside the door, followed closely behind by several other students. He nearly slammed the door right in their faces.

Wang Chenghao, Ye Xingchen.

“What are you doing here?” He had no intention to let people into his room. His bedroom was a forbidden ground to all, so he quickly shut the door behind him and glanced at Wang Chenghao. This guy is actually wearing a camouflage uniform? What’s going on?

Wang Chenghao’s response nearly caused his jaws to drop to the ground.

“I’ve passed the qualification test to the First Academy of Cultivators.” Wang Chenghao stared back at Qin Ye with a baffled expression, “And I’ve also chosen you as my instructor. I’d even winked at you at last night’s emergency drill. Didn’t you notice it?”

Ahhhhhh… There were so many people out there last night! How do you think I could’ve possibly noticed the twitch of a little shrimp’s eye?!

“And what about you?” Qin Ye looked at Ye Xingchen. He looked a little bit pale and wasted. Yet as soon as he heard the question directed at him, he immediately bowed respectfully, “I’m sorry! Instructor Qin, I’ve misunderstood you!”

“It’s fine, it’s nothing much… Hang on!” Qin Ye gave a conditioned response before catching himself with a blink and a pause. In that instant, Qin Ye almost reacted with a tight slap to Ye Xingchen’s face.

Misunderstood me?!

What do you think this was? A fifty-fifty situation? What the hell have you youngsters got in your head these days, huh?!

“About that… how did you come to the misunderstanding?” Qin Ye’s lips stiffened up, and he forcibly maintained the contrived smile on his face as he probed further.

Ye Xingchen coughed lightly and glossed over the details. It was obvious he didn’t want people to know about the awkward situation that transpired last night, “Head of Faculty Zhou called for me this morning. That was when I realized exactly what went on last night. Thank you, Instructor Qin. If not for your discovery, I might have… already…”

He found the words ‘death by pleasure’ a little bit too embarrassing to speak of…

It’s fine as long as you catch my drift…

Qin Ye nodded, “It’s good that you’re fine. Think back and see if you’d encountered anything odd recently. And you guys shouldn’t reside in that room any longer as well. Make a report later and then look for me again. I’ll make arrangements for another room for you.”

These were all students under his charge when all was said and done. It was necessarily a good idea to take good care of them.

“I’ll make sure of it and take him there.” Wang Chenghao patted Ye Xingchen’s shoulder, “I live across the hall from him. Last night, when they all accused Brother Qin of… cough cough… I was the first one to stand up and vouch for your character!”

Qin Ye looked at him gratefully - You’re still the one that knows me best.

“After all, notwithstanding your appearances, you didn’t even make any advances against me in the past. I trust in you.”


Leave right now!

And shut the door behind you![2]

1. Lu Xun is one of the earliest and best known modern chinese writers (1881-1936). The True Story of Ah Q is one of his works. 

2. This is just a figure of expression. They’re still outside Qin Ye’s room right now.

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