Chapter 999


In Leylin’s opinion, the famed big shots whether in his past life or the current one all had something in common. Once they determined their target, they would advance with fortitude, possessing absolute faith in their path. Since they’d long since marked their path, they feared nothing, and would be unscrupulous.

In his pursuit of eternity and freedom, Leylin cared not for the lives of the natives.

‘All I pursue in this life is eternity. Even if I collapse halfway through and face the backlash from my actions, I’ll have no regrets…’ A tough glint flashed in Leylin’s eyes, proof of his staunch resolution. With such motivation, killing humans, burning cities, and wiping out hundreds of people was a mere sacrifice on his higher path.


The battle between the tribes grew increasingly intense. It had been a long time since anyone came to care for the chief that Leylin had captive. The two sides were blinded by battle, their primary...

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