Chapter 994

Massacre Domain

“Hmph, what a pigheaded idiot! You haven’t even ignited your godfire yet and have the gall to go against me?” Leylin snorted, and the flames immediately went out. After obtaining divinity, he no longer saw anything in regular divine beings. This divine creature in front of him was merely seeking death.

At this thought, Leylin looked through the results of the A.I. Chip’s scan.

[Totem spirit (Flaming Bird) Divine being. Strength: 15 (+5) Agility: 17 (+5) Vitality: 19 (+5) Spirit: 20 (+5) Possessed feats: 1. Domain: In the range of its worshippers’ prayers, the totem spirit will be buffed. All stats will increase by 5. 2. Affinity with flames. 3. Holy Form: Immune to all spells below rank 5. 4: Unknown ???]

‘While in the range of the followers’ prayers, all stats increase by 5? This really is a god similar to earth-bound spirits…’

Leylin snickered, “Is this what you’re depending on? Unfortunately… This isn’t your time anymore....

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