Chapter 993

Flaming Bird

Hundreds of towering warships glided across the outer seas, making for a magnificent sight.

However, it wasn’t so beautiful to the one in charge of the long voyage. There were five thousand men to feed and take care of, which was a huge problem on the seas. On top of that there was the restlessness, and the disease that constantly crept up on Leylin’s men.

Fortunately the crew were originally pirates of the Scarlet Tiger, so they could handle such long distance sailing.Tiff himself had dispatched the acolytes under him to each and every ship, boosting the morale of the men. Without holy magic to aid them, it was a very big test.

Leylin was on the deck of the flagship, looking out at the boundless sea. He breathed a light sigh, “Our food and water supplies are depleting quickly. This long distance war is really a huge gamble… Fortunately, we are able to reach Debanks Islands...

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