Chapter 990


Waves splashed into the side of a majestic warship, yet it didn’t falter at all. It stood tall like a mountain or reef braving the wind and waves, advancing into the depths of the outer seas.

The ship was flying the flag of a scarlet skull and dagger. Numerous others followed behind it, with fierce cannons and countless pirates on board. Even the largest of merchant groups would be scared out of their wits at this sight.

This fleet was that of the Scarlet Tigers, the organisation that controlled the outer seas of Dambrath. The Scarlet Tigers had the best of the best, with over a hundred large warships and more than five thousand men.

With their several expansions, the Scarlet Tigers seemed to have bitten off more than they could chew. However, with Tiff and the other elites joining from the north, a powerful pirate fleet was formed that rivalled the imperial navy.

“I never expected the native empire to actually exist…” Isabel was on the bow of the Scarlet...

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