Chapter 99

Grine Water

“Inside the secret plane, one must take responsibility for themselves in the bloodbath; do you wish to violate the agreement?”

Under the massive thunderstorm, Dorotte stood up with many faint silver beast claws on his back.


The black-robed figure standing in front of the 3 chairmen spoke, and a gigantic dark green hand grabbed at the sky. * Weng Weng! * The massive lightning was immediately scattered by the giant hand.

“I have said before to abide by the agreement!” The black-robed figure growled.

At the same time, the blue-bearded geezer spurted a huge mouthful of blood. Anger was quickly replaced with fear as he knelt down, “Sir, please forgive an old man, who has just lost his nephew, with your magnanimity!”

“Just this once! If not, I will extract your soul and roast it in the abyss for ten thousand years!”

The black-robed figure spoke again.

The blue-bearded geezer then went back to his academy’s camp, before giving Jayden a vicious look.

This hatred and determination of killing Jayden gave Dorotte a headache. Crackling and rattling noises could be heard from the skeletal figure.

“Although this time nothing has happened, Jayden will definitely be pursued by Blue-Beard unless he keeps hiding inside the academy!”

Leylin’s eyes turned cold.

Earlier, the A.I. Chip picked up several traces of energy waves from spells.

Obviously, it was the search for the enemy who had killed their genius acolyte! If Leylin were to still keep those items that carried their traces, his outcome would now be the same as Jayden.

Those professors who had had their personal apprentices or successors killed by the other party — who was also their sworn enemy — swore they would make the killer pay with their blood!

As for the casualties of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy,they were not considered because the other two academies were facing many more losses.

Although they were bound by the agreement and vigilance of the Lighthouse of the Night, as far as Magi were concerned, if they were to pay the price, they could indirectly find a way to exact their revenge!

For example, not taking action themselves, but suggesting to Magi outside of the agreement to act on their behalf. The black market was also an option worth considering.


Late in the night, Leylin returned to his resting area and laid down on his bed. In his hands was a faint yellow test tube that he kept on toying with.

The test tube was made of faint yellow crystals, and its density was extremely high. Holding it in his hands, he sensed a rather heavy feeling.

These crystals were made from a precious ingredient - Nitrogen Crystals. Any spell that was 20 degrees or lesser would not be able to damage it.

Using these Nitrogen Crystals to make a test tube — this was often used to store potions which were more valuable.

According to the olden texts, test tube made from Nitrogen Crystals were known to have preserved the contents even after a thousand years.

Within the faint yellow test tube, there was a ball of translucent liquid.

Leylin casually swirled the test tube. Under the refraction of the light, the liquid within gave off a rainbow-coloured glow, as it continuously whirled, seemingly beautiful.

“This is the Grine Water of the myths which could aid acolytes to breakthrough into an official Magus!” Leylin looked at the test tube and muttered.

Earlier, under the suppression of the Magus from Lighthouse of the Night, the chairmen of Sage Gotham’s Hut and Whitewoods Castle had had no choice but to bow their heads, then leading their acolytes away.

Even Torash’s professor was not that stupid to offend the high ranking Magus for the second time.

As for Leylin and the rest, they were led back to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy by their professors.

Leylin intentionally glanced and saw that at this moment the acolytes in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy did not amount to over 50.

As for any regular academy, they would have thousands of acolytes!

One can say that Sage Gotham’s Hut and Whitewoods Castle had accomplished their mission by almost swallowing the entire batch of successors in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy; if it were not for the fact that a few of their genius acolytes had perished inside the secret plane!

Even so, they originally had 200 acolytes enter the secret plane. Yet in the end only about a hundred came out from it.

Compared to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, this was considered a great victory.

“However… All these have nothing to do with me!” Leylin looked at the potion in his hands that seemed like an illusion.

“What matters is that I got the Grine Water! Moreover, the academy has an anonymous exchange policy, which is extremely thoughtful for its acolytes!”

On the way back to the academy, Leylin and the fortunate surviving acolytes were told about the contribution points they obtained and the details of it, where they can undergo the exchange privately.

Furthermore, the person that was in charge of the exchange was an alchemy beast created by the chairman with no human feelings whatsoever, so it wouldn't reveal the acolytes’ exchanges.

One can say that although Abyssal Bone Forest Academy was extremely bloodthirsty, where there was a strong culture of the strong eats the weak, towards the protection of acolytes with true strength and abilities, they still did a rather good job.

Leylin only barely managed to scrape 50 contribution points, exchanging for a standard amount of Grine Water.

As for the catalogue on the contribution points exchange list, there were various precious ingredients, rank 1 spell models, and even spiritual force Potions. Looking on, Leylin felt overwhelmed by it.

At that time, deep down Leylin had some regret over not taking the few genius acolytes’ badges along with him.

However, after seeing Jayden with a gloomy expression, Leylin very soon buried this tinge of regret deep inside his heart.

Although Torash’s badge was worth at least 50 contribution points, which could be exchanged with many resources, the look that other acolytes had when they saw Jayden was full of pity.

Incurring the wrath of an official Magus for these resources, was it really worth it?

Moreover, the other professors did not know of their apprentices’ scores, yet Dorotte knew Jayden’s amount of contribution points like the back of his hand. Before anything else, at the very least, half of Torash’s contribution points would be taken by Dorotte.

After all, he defended an opposing rank 1 Magus for Jayden!

“Before becoming an official Magus, it is best to maintain a low profile. There won't be anything wrong with that!” Seeing Jayden’s outcome, Leylin steeled his heart with this resolve.

His senior Merlin was a great example of this.

Merlin’s achievements and talent in Potioneering could be said to be extraordinary. If not for Leylin cheating by using the A.I. Chip, he would definitely be left far behind in this aspect.

But so what?

It was due to Merlin’s reputation that made his enemies concentrate their attacks on him, finally causing him to die during the secret plane’s bloodbath.

No matter how genius an acolyte was before they manage to grow strong, they weren't even comparable to a pebble on the road.

As for Leylin, he always created the false image of being inferior to Merlin, allowing Merlin to attract the attention off from him. He successfully managed to divert his enemy’s attention, so there were very few that bothered about him inside the secret plane.

“However, this trick will not work for the time being!”

Leylin toyed with the Grine Water in his hands, his face gradually turning solemn.

The surviving acolytes after the bloodbath amounted to less than 50, which was even less than the number of professors.

Moreover, all survivors will be deemed as elites!

Under these circumstances, greater attention will be paid to any acolytes!

Leylin did not have any confidence whatsoever to try anything funny for the fear of being discovered.

“Perhaps, I should make a trip outside. Previously, Roman spoke of the high-grade meditation technique. If I found it, it would definitely be much better than the Grine Water…”

Previously, before the Fallen Star Pendant was completed, Leylin had managed to swindle much information from that vengeful spirit, Roman, regarding the information of high-grade meditation technique left behind by the Great Magus Serholm.

According to Roman, the inheritance of Great Magus Serholm was located inside the Dylan Gardens of the Zither Moon Mountain Plains.

Magi who used high-grade meditation techniques were definitely stronger than Magi who used the Grine Water to breakthrough! Moreover, more potential would be realised, revealing more possibilities for future development.

Leylin wanted to climb to the apex of the Magus World. If he wished to have the potential for future advancements, using the Grine Water to breakthrough would be his last resort.

Thinking of the Fallen Star Pendant, Leylin removed the silvery grey cross from his neck.

On the surface of the cross was embedded with various colours of gemstones, which looked to be an impeccable art piece.

However, right now the gemstones on the Fallen Star Pendant seemed to glow dimly, as it had undergone a huge consumption.

[Fallen Star Pendant: Low-grade magic artifact. Effect: Instantly cast a defence. Current condition: All energy consumed, 0%]

The A.I. Chip showed the stats of the Fallen Star Pendant to Leylin.

Fallen Star Pendant — it was the item that attributed the most to Leylin’s survival and killing the geniuses of the enemy this time.

The instantaneous layer of defense that the silvery cross radiated, no matter if it was physical of magical resistance, had reached a very high degree. Few below the ranks of an official Magus could penetrate its defenses.

However, in any world, the law of conservation of energy must be fulfilled. Every time the Fallen Star Pendant was activated, it required a consumption of energy. Once the energy was fully consumed, it wouldn't be anything more than a pretty necklace!

“The Fallen Star Pendant’s defence is rather good, only that the energy is not enough!”

Leylin felt somewhat regretful, “A.I. Chip! Establish mission. Apart from the calculation ability for the Host, use all remaining computation abilities to find out ways to conserve the energy of the Fallen Star Pendant!”

[Beep! Mission establishing! Beginning to use idle processes to calculate, time is unknown!] The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

Leylin nodded his head and came to the experiment at the side. He placed the Fallen Star Pendant in the centre of a mysterious spell formation. Around it, were many blue glittering stones.

“Activating process of recharging!”

* Weng Weng! * With the command of Leylin, faint blue light beams shone from the formation. Starlight was extracted from these stones and placed into the Fallen Star Pendant.

[Fallen Star Pendant recharging in process, current state: 1%....] The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

The recharge of the Fallen Star Pendant actually only required for starlight to be shone on it. As long as it was bathed in starlight when the energy was fully consumed, the Fallen Star Pendant would automatically complete the recharging process.

However, in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, wanting to bathe it in starlight was an impossible task. Thus, Leylin could only use other methods to conduct the recharging process.

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