Chapter 989

Power of Divinity

What Leylin prized the most was free will. For its sake, he wouldn’t even mind falling out with Distorted Shadow.

‘Besides, now that I’ve grasped a thread of divinity and become a divine being, I’m formally on my way to godhood. I can now sense the prayers of my followers and respond to them, although I can’t bestow divine spells. Still, this is quite good…’

Leylin closed his eyes. He could now sense the countless threads of faith in the air even without his Nightmare Absorbing Physique. It was easy to trace them back to their sources…

The territory of Viscount Tiff, in the northern lands. The Viscount was performing his daily prayers in a secret room, when he suddenly heard a voice within his mind. “Dear follower, I am here. I exist within you!”

Through his spiritual force senses, Tiff felt his prayers connect with a very familiar existence. That...

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