Chapter 988

Divinity: Massacre

Quiet spatial turbulence was stirred as a crack opened up between planes. Fierce elemental energy surged through it, annihilating everything in its way.

A floating city stood tall in this region, as if a powerful fortress that was indestructible and eternal. Only after entering the ghost city did Leylin heave a sigh of relief.

“Welcome home, Master!” Shaylin, the fairy who was like a housekeeper, appeared to greet Leylin. Only this place had arcane spell formations that rendered him immune to the spying of the gods, as well as other divination spells.

Once he tossed his coat to an attending golem, Leylin turned to the skeleton lich Ilyo, “You did well.”

“It is my honour to serve Master!” Ilyo pressed his right fist to his chest as he spoke. He was in his crystal skeleton formed, but he was wearing something akin to a black suit. The clothing formed a vile harmony with the skeleton.

Although he knew Ilyo wasn’t speaking...

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