Chapter 987


“That belonging to mortals shall go to mortals. That belonging to gods shall go to them. Please do not delude yourself.” Benedict’s tone was almost pitiful of the fate of mankind.

“Tsk, I hate mediums like you. You’ve even brainwashed yourself…” Leylin looked behind him, unsurprised to see the legendary priest of Mystra as well, “Isn’t this all for this avatar I have? Even the Goddess of the Weave is joining forces with you…”

“You should know not to slight the wills of two greater gods. As long as you hand over the source of evil in your hands, our church will definitely compensate you satisfyingly…” Benedict now had a merciful look in his eyes, as if he was saving the world.

What a joke that was! Would Mystra or Tyr hand over a portion of divinity in exchange for the avatar? Even if they were willing to, Leylin himself wouldn’t want it. Leylin was used to getting what he wanted, and did not...

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